The Tales of Arthur

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the legends and tales of King Arthur comparing older versions of the story to more modern ones.

This paper analyzes the legends of King Arthur and Lancelot, Morgan and Guinevere. It claims that Arthur was an all-encompassing British figure. It examines the earlier versions of these stories, looking especially at the role played by the female characters in the tale as they appear not in the (now) better-known Malory version but in their original, pre-Christian modes.
From the paper:

“The female characters in La mort de roi Artu can trace their lineage at least in part to the story of Tristan and Isolde, which tells how the young Tristan traveled to Ireland to ask the hand of the princess Isolde for his uncle, King Mark of Cornwall, but ? due to having mistakenly drunk a love potion ? falls in love himself with Isolde, who also falls in love with him even as the two remain loyal to King Mark. Mark attempts to ensnare them, but they remain chaste and true, and Isolde in the end marries Mark.”

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