The Taming of the Shrew Essay Sample

7 July 2017

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The address given by Katharina inThe Taming of the Shrewand that given by Kat in10 Thingss I Hate About You. are in many ways both similar and different. While the differences are largely on a superficial footing. they are of import in the manner the linguistic communication was used. The similarities. on the other manus. convey together what becomes the chief subject throughout both the book and the film.

In the narrativeThe Taming of the Shrew. and the film10 Thingss I Hate About You. the character of Katharina is really similar. Because of her attitude and the manner she presents herself. she becomes the focal point of the narrative. When her sister wants to travel frontward in her life and happen person with which to pass it. the sisters’ male parent tells her she can non until Kat finds person to be with. This. nevertheless. seems like an impossible undertaking both to Bianca. Kat’s sister. and the suers interested in Bianca. Kat’s disposition. does non let room for anyone of the opposite sex and she has a less than ideal position of the society into which she was born. In the film and the book. Kat acts out against work forces in many ways. including crushing a music coach with his ain flute. in theShrew. and kicking a male in the genitalias in10 Thingss. There is besides a scene in the book in which Kat ties Bianca to a chair and begins slapping her when Bianca can non reply Kat’s enquiries about which of the suers she likes the best. And in10 ThingssKat takes an obvious delectation in cognizing that Bianca is non traveling to be able to day of the month until Kat decides she can. All this adds up to the position of Kat as an untamable adult female ; untamable by society and by work forces.

Toward the terminal of the narrative. Kat gives a concluding soliloquy which tells much about the alterations she has gone through. Kat. who was antecedently a fierce adult female. invariably proclaiming her independency. alterations dramatically into a submissive married woman in the book. and decidedly looses her “femi-nazi” border in the film. Her concluding address gives the feeling that love is something that she has wanted all along. In theShrewshe says “Thy hubby is thy Godhead. thy life. thy keeper… one that cares for thee… to painful labour both by sea and land… whilst thy liest warm at place. secure and safe ; and craves no other testimonial at thy custodies but love. just expressions. and true obedience-too small payment for so great a debt. ” She implies that. a adult female. by merely making her “duty. ” can ne’er fit what is offered by a hubby. This is a far call from the Katharina that we knew from before.

Similarly in the film version. Kat. who had sworn off work forces. has much the same reaction when Patrick begins showing his love for her. At first she blows him off every bit merely another imbecile cat that she could ne’er hold anything in common with. but as she gets to cognize him. she easy begins to recognize that she is holding feelings for him. By the terminal of the film. she is so in love with Patrick that she turns into a driveling muss in forepart of her category while declaiming a verse form about him. This arrant reversal of the cold. impenetrable Kat to an emotional. insecure one leaves small uncertainty that many of the old attitudes she one time held are no longer.

Not all people would hold nevertheless. thatShrewand10 Thingsshave the same kind of stoping ; one in which noncompliant Kat becomes submissive and obedient. In theShrewthere is no uncertainty that Katharine becomes the obedient married woman that was longed after by the work forces. With words such as. “I am ashamed that adult females are so [ foolish ] . to offer war where they should kneel for peace. ” it is obvious that she has wholly changed her mentality on things. Contrasted to this. in10 Thingss.although Kat makes a supplication that could be considered a entry to Patrick. upon farther consideration. this may non be the instance. Although on the surface it seems that she is a wholly different individual. the words she uses in her soliloquy are much different than those used by Katharine inThe Shrew. In Kat’s version. most of what she is making is squealing her love for Patrick. It would take a misanthropic head to see a confession of love as a entry to someone’s will. Possibly that is all Kat was making ; stating Patrick that she loves him. This demand non be viewed as a failing. merely the admittance of one’s feelings.

Art allows the opportunity for people to construe it otherwise. This is the instance with all art. including these two illustrations. It is easy for one to state they view the book and the film similar. On the other manus they can see them otherwise every bit good. There have been critics that argue Katharine and her hubby merely pretended that she was obedient to gull the others out of their money. And it is easy to see why people may see Kat’s admittance of love as submissive. given her past history. But as people change. no 1 except those involved can cognize for certain the motive behind their actions. These two plants provide an illustration of the different readings one can acquire from sing a film or reading a narrative. No one reading is any more right than another and although the addresss appear similar to one individual. it does non intend they will look the same manner to another.

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