The Tell Tale Heart and the Black Cat Essay Sample

9 September 2017

“Can you non see I have full control of my head? Is it non clear that I am non huffy? I could hear sounds I had ne’er heard before. I heard sounds from Eden and I heard sounds from snake pit! ” This quotation mark from the storyteller of the short narrative. ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ . shows us how the storyteller has wholly lost his senses. believing in the supernatural and the storyteller even tries to carry us that he has the powers of a God. One of the chief subjects in both ‘The Black Cat’ and ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ is unhealthy obsessivity. the objects of which are besides of import symbols in the narratives. For illustration. in ‘The Black Cat’ . the storyteller is unnaturally obsessed with his black cat and its milieus. believing it to be the cause of his ruin and in ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ . the storyteller was foremost obsessed with the old man’s vulture-like oculus and subsequently his crushing bosom.

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One of the symbols in ‘The Black Cat’ was Pluto. the favored cat. This symbol relates to the subject because the storyteller of this narrative was unnaturally obsessed with the cat. believing that the cat was responsible for all the bad luck and purportedly supernatural things that were go oning. such as when his house burned down.

The storyteller. who was get downing to lose his saneness. was convinced that the cat was out to acquire retaliation on him. “The cat was a beautiful animate being. of remarkably big size. and wholly black. I named the cat Pluto and it was the pet I liked best. ” the storyteller explains. From this. we can state the storyteller loved his favored cat really much. more than his other pets and even more than his married woman. Edgar Allen Poe successfully conveyed the thought that when you love person and they turn against you. it hurts even more. He is proposing to us that the ground why he all of a sudden became barbarous to the cat was because it was intolerable to him that this most loved and sure animal should turn against him. This type of hurting and torment is really common as we tend to ache more if person closest to us should turn against us. The coloring material of the cat was black. which is symbolic because the color black symbolises bad fortune. bad luck and decease. which is precisely what the storyteller believes the cat brings. “It about seemed that the cat had in some cryptic manner caused the house to fire so that it could do me pay for my evil act. so that it could take retaliation on me. ”

By stating this. the storyteller seems to believe that the cat wants to take some sort of supernatural retaliation on him because the storyteller had killed the cat out of hurting and bitterness. since the cat had turned off from him. The cat’s name is Pluto and he symbolises Pluto. the Roman God of the underworld ; the Christian equivalent being the Satan in snake pit. The basement is a symbol found in “The Black Cat” . This relates to the subject because the storyteller is obsessed with the cat and everything supernatural go oning around it. Many unusual and supernatural happenings happen down in the basement ; non to advert. that to the storyteller ; the basement is like snake pit because snake pit is below the Earth and the basement is at the underside of the house. “I jumped from my bed and found that the full house was filled with fire. I thought of the cat as I watched it fire the cat whose dead organic structure I head left hanging in the basement. ” The storyteller believed that the cat was like the Satan in snake pit. acquiring retaliation on him for his evil Acts of the Apostless with red region: The red region being the fire firing down his house.

The cellar symbolized all things supernatural and symbolizes retaliation: “On the body’s caput. its one oculus filled with fire. its broad unfastened oral cavity the coloring material of blood. sat the cat shouting out its retaliation! ” The storyteller murdered his married woman and embedded her in the cellar’s rock walls. non recognizing that the cat was entombed in at that place with her. So when he was certain that the officers wouldn’t happen a thing. the storyteller tapped the rock wall of the basement and all of a sudden a atrocious call came out of the wall. The call belonged to the cat and the storyteller was obsessed and convinced that he was the shade of the first cat coming back for its retaliation. From this. Edgar Allen Poe is seeking to convey the message that by making an evil act. guilt and fright will catch up with you. This is seen in today’s society in many degrees. For illustration. when we do a smaller graduated table ‘wrongdoing’ such as tell a prevarication. guilt and fright will catch up to us. in the same manner as making the large offenses such as slaying. Another symbol in “The Tell Tale Heart” was the old man’s vulture-like oculus.

This relates to the subject because the storyteller is unnaturally obsessed with the old man’s oculus believing that “for it was non the old adult male I felt I had to kill ; it was the oculus. his Evil Eye. ” The storyteller was afraid of the ‘evil eye’ and was wholly obsessed with it believing that is symbolized all things evil. awful and supernatural. The storyteller believed that the old man’s oculus. “was like the oculus of a vulture. the oculus of one of those awful birds that watch and wait while an carnal dies” and felt the lone manner to acquire rid of all this evilness was to ‘shut this oculus everlastingly. ’ Therefore the storyteller became haunted with destructing the oculus which he believed symbolized all things atrocious and evil. It is suggested that it was due to the ‘evil eye’ that the storyteller became brainsick because “due to that oculus. that difficult blue oculus. the blood in my organic structure became similar ice. ” This is highly common in mundane society as there is ever something that will rag person and on occasion it will tip them over the border. taking to crazes and mental instability. Another symbol is the continuously beating bosom in “The Tell Tale Heart” . This relates to the subject because the storyteller of this narrative was obsessed with the bosom. believing that the bosom of the old adult male with the vulture-like oculus that he murdered was still crushing. and the narrator’s fright of being caught overpowers him.

His compulsion and crazes lead to a mental dislocation and a confession to the constabulary. because he thinks that they are playing a game with him. when all along it was merely his ain bosom buffeting: “It was a speedy. low soft sound. Louder it became. I was certain they heard it! Suddenly I could bear it no more. I pointed at the boards and cried. “Yes I killed him. But why does his bosom non halt whipping? ” This quotation mark from the storyteller indicates that the bosom is a symbol of the narrator’s feelings. While the storyteller believes that it is the old man’s bosom whipping. it is really his ain bosom thumping off. His bosom gets louder and louder as he gets more hysterical. From this. Edgar Allen Poe is seeking to state us that it was the narrator’s compulsion with the old man’s bosom that prevented him from seeing that it was really his ain bosom that was crushing madly.

This is really common in today’s society ; many people are blinded from the truth by their compulsions with falsities. “The old man’s fright must be great so. As the sound grew louder. my choler became greater and more painful. But it was more than choler. In the quiet dark. my choler became fright for the bosom was crushing so aloud that I was certain person must hear. ” This quotation mark from the storyteller shows that the storyteller believes that because the old adult male was highly scared. his bosom was thumping loud plenty for him to hear but in existent fact. it was his through his ain fright taking him to kill the old adult male. Both the storytellers from “The Black Cat” and “The Tell Tale Heart” are unnaturally obsessed with something negative that becomes symbolic of ruin for them. “The Black Cat” storyteller is unnaturally obsessed with Pluto. the cat. believing that it brought bad luck and “The Tell Tale Heart” storyteller was unnaturally obsessed with the continuously beating bosom and vulture-like oculus of the old adult male. “Yes! He was dead! Dead as a rock. His oculus would problem me no more! ” These really unhealthy compulsions caused the two narrator’s ruins. their mental impairment and increasing lunacy.

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