The Tempest by Shakespeare: Power Overwhelming?

4 April 2015
This analytical essay explores the relationship between acquiring true power and forgiveness.

This paper looks at Shakespeare’s play The Tempest and sets out to prove that Shakespeare believes that true power can only come from forgiveness. Prospero’s transformation from a person blindly seeking revenge and questing for power, to someone who is finally able to forgive, is used to illustrate how these traits impede us from achieving our full potential.
“In order to accomplish his vengeance, Prospero combines the use of his magic with manipulation to deceive his enemies into a false sense of security while carrying out his own wishes. “He hath lost his fellows and strays about to find ’em.(Iii. 417418, dialogue) This passage shows Prospero’s power over Ferdinand and his fellows by manipulating them into a false sense of security while they are separated and in a dangerous situation so that he can carry out his plot of vengeance towards them.

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