The Theatre in the modern society

7 July 2016

The 21-st century brought great changes into the theatre. Television, radio, cinema, video altered the course of the major performing arts and created the new ones. But still there are hundreds of musical comedy theatres, drama theatres, opera houses, puppet thea-tres, philharmonics and conservatoires where the audience is excited at the prospect of see-ing a play and the actors are most encouraged by the warm reception. I’d like to tell some words about the theatre. It is a building where plays, operas or ballets are performed.

Of course, it has a stage for the actors and an auditorium where the audience sits. The curtain usually separates the stage from the auditorium. The most expensive seats are in the stalls, boxes and dress-circles. The seats in the balcony, pit and the upper- circle are comparatively cheaper. An intricate system of lights illuminates the stage. While the curtain is down, the workers on the stage can change the scenery and prepare the stage for the next part of the performance.

A play lives a long life it makes its appearance on the stage before the audience. It is a real part of art and its creation calls for inspiration, talent and artistic ingenuity. A play-wright conceives an idea and after several months of hard work his idea develops into the script of the play. And finally, when everything is ready and the rehearsal goes off without a hitch, a dress rehearsal is called. After some time the curtain rises, the play faces the au-dience on its first night.

As for me, I am not much of a theatre goer but sometimes I like to go to the theatre with my friends or relatives just to relax. But I never forget my last visit to the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Drama Theatre named after Ivan Franko. The teacher bought several tickets for our group at the advance box-office for the performance β€œThe hotel of two worlds”. There were brilliant actors and actresses in the cast. The leading actress was inex-pressibly moving and top favorite.

It seemed to me she was at her best and the play kept the audience in suspense from beginning to end. It was the truly remarkable performance provoking laughter and tears by turns. Besides, it was a great educational value. The concluding scene was exciting enough, the final moment was thrilling and un-forgettable. The actors received a tremendous acclamation from the audience. There was no doubt it was warmly received by the audience, many of pieces were encored. It was ob-vious that the performance was a great success.

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