The Theme Of Revenge In Othello Essay

7 July 2017

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& # 65279 ; The Theme of Revenge in Othello

Retaliation is a changeless subject throughout the drama Othello. It is portrayed through the

character Iago. Iago is determined to destruct Othello and his loved 1s. This requital is a

consequence of Othello advancing Cassio to the place of lieutenant. The subject of retaliation is the

motive of Iago? s hatred toward Othello.

In the beginning of the drama, Iago feels betrayed by his good friend, Othello. Through

many old ages of trueness and service Iago is? [ I ] n personal suit to do [ himself ] [ Othello? s ]

lieutenant? ( 39 ) . When Othello has to take his lieutenant, he appoints Cassio. Iago feels hurt

and betrayed, and recognize? there [ is ] no redress? ( 40 ) except for retaliation. He? . . . hatred [ s ] the

Moor. . . ? ( 63 ) and comes to the decision that? . . . nil can or shall content [ his ] psyche

[ T ] ailment [ he is ] evened with [ Othello ] . . . ? ( 76 ) . In an effort for retaliation, Iago publicly humiliates

Brabantio at Othello? s disbursal.

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In the center of the dark, Iago calls outside Brabantio? s house

to inform him that his girl, Desdemona has run off and eloped with Othello. Coming from

two different backgrounds, Desdemona? s male parent takes discourtesy to their interracial matrimony. This

demeans Othello and causes him to turn out to Brabantio that he did non utilize any witchcraf

T or black

thaumaturgy to win Desdemona? s bosom. When Desdemona professes her true love for Othello, her

father disowns her. Iago? s foremost attempt to destruct Othello is successful, yet he still craves

retaliation. He devises a program to destruct Othello. He wants to do Othello believe that Cassio is

holding an matter with his married woman Desdemona. This will do Othello to repent naming Cassio as

his lieutenant and at the same time destruct Othello? s life. He knows that he? must convey this

monstrous birth to the universe? s visible radiation? ( 64 ) if he wants to revenge Othello? s treachery. Iago is

successful in converting Othello that his married woman is unfaithful. Outraged, Othello slayings

Desdemona. Immediately after, Emilia, Iago? s married woman and Desdemona? s? kept woman? ( 156 ) , explains

to Othello that her hubby has been lying to him and Desdemona had been faithful. Iago so

slayings Emilia. Iago succeeds in destructing Othello? s life every bit good as his ain.

In summing up, Iago consumes his life with hatred and retribution. Revenge is one of the

chief subjects in this drama. It drives Iago to make many irrational things and destroys Iago? s

friendly relationship with Othello, the love Desdemona and Othello shared, and the trust between Cassio

and Othello. The demand for retaliation is portion of human nature, but if it is blown out of proportion, it

can hold annihilating effects.

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