The Theme of Vampirism in Poe’s Ligeias

4 April 2015
The similarities between both Ligeia and tuberculosis sufferers and vampires.

The paper starts by documenting vampiric traits and their appearance in literature, starting with Henrich August Ossenfelder?s Der Vampir in 1748 up to Bram Stoker’s `Dracula` in 1897. It then cites various examples of how the character Ligeia could be seen as vampiric. The paper also looks in detail at the effects of tuberculosis and how it affects people both mentally and physically also the similarities between the image of a vampire and that of a tuberculosis sufferer.

From the paper;

`This paper will focus on the theme of vampirism in Edgar Allan Poe?s short story `Ligeia.` In order to make the paper more understandable and explain my research, I will begin by defining what characteristics constitute vampire-like qualities. Then, I will demonstrate how Ligeia meets those parameters.
`The first recognizable literary work dealing specifically with vampires came in 1748 from Germany.

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Henrich August Ossenfelder?s Der Vampire this was a brilliant poem that introduced vampires to modern literature. In 1819 though, nearly 50 years after Der Vampire was introduced, John Polidori, a prominent author, wrote the significant story, The Vampiree, which was the catalyst for vampire literature in Europe. Edgar Allan Poe wrote Ligeia in 1838.It was not until 1897 that Bram Stoker wrote the novel which defines the most widely accepted characteristics of the vampire.”

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