The Thesis Statement

1 January 2018

Here are a few examples following the above structure. Narrative Thesis: The year I left for college on the east coast was the scariest, yet most memorable experience I had ever encountered in my young life. Compare/Contrast: Although both the MAC and PC perform their tasks with efficiency, the MAC is superior to the PC when it comes to the special needs of the graphic artist. Cause and Effect: Although rap music comments on the harsh reality of life for many minorities, its message of violence often results in the degradationOf women, the promotion Of drugs, and the severance Of the family Structure. How to Write a Thesis Statement when the Subject is Given: f you are given a question, the simplest way to write your thesis is to rephrase the question into a statement.

Example: f you are given the question: “What are the greatest contributions to global warming? ” then your thesis could be stated as follows: The greatest contributions to global warming are hairspray, car emissions and methane gas from cows.Here, “The greatest contributors to global warming’ is the epic section, and “hairspray, car emissions and methane gas from cows” is the comment section. How to Write a Thesis Statement when the Subject is not Given: This is when developing the thesis statement becomes more difficult. If you are asked to write on a topic Of your choice, then how should you phrase your thesis statement? This depends solely on the subject for which you are writing. Let us pretend that you decide to write a paper on modern China.You do some research and you discover that you are interested in economic, political, ND social issues. After continuing your research, you decide to write on the successes and failures of reforms involving these issues.

The Thesis Statement Essay Example

You find that the economic and political reforms have shown amazing successes. However, you discover that many problems exist due to the limited rights of China’s citizenry. How should your thesis be phrased? Example: Though China’s economic and political reforms have shown much success, the social problems inherent in modern China remain a constant reminder of its past.Not only does this thesis state your opinion on three potential areas of focus, but it also gives a general outline for both you and the reader to follow as the paper progresses. When writing your paper, you should begin with an introduction (including the thesis) followed by a discussion of China’s political reforms, with China’s political problems coming last. The body should then be followed by a brief conclusion. This order will, because it coincides with the order of the thesis statement, help the reader to understand your paper and not get lost within the body.

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