The Things They Carried Possessions Of Character

8 August 2017

The Things They Carried: Possessions Of Character Essay, Research Paper

The Things They Carried: Possessions of Character

& # 8220 ; The Things They Carried, & # 8221 ; by Tim O & # 8217 ; Brien, contains many mentions to

& # 8220 ; ownerships of character. & # 8221 ; Many things Lt. Cross carries were carried by all,

including: military equipment, letter paper, exposure, diseases, nutrient, the land

of Vietnam itself, their lives, and even more. O & # 8217 ; Brien high spots these along

with particular things that Lt. Jimmy Cross carries. He, therefore, reveals something

of what Cross values. Properties reflect his character and ideas. & # 8220 ; Grief,

panic, love, hankering & # 8211 ; these were intangibles, but the intangibles had their ain

mass and specific gravitation, they had touchable weight. & # 8221 ;

Lt. Jimmy Cross carries letters and a pebble from Martha, a miss whom he

attentions about greatly, but she does non portion the same emotions for him. He

carries these things to remind him of her, of his feelings for her. At the terminal

of every twenty-four hours he ceremonially unwraps them and reads them. These letters are light

in weight, merely 10 ounces, but turn out to be a heavy load. Above all, he

carries the duty for the lives of his work forces. He is dr

eaming when

Lavender is shot, and so he blames himself for it. Lavender & # 8217 ; s decease was

something which & # 8220 ; He would hold to transport like a rock in his tummy for the remainder

of the war. & # 8221 ; He does non ever pay attending to what is most of import, his

work forces. Lt. Jimmy Cross burns all of Martha & # 8217 ; s letters at the terminal of the narrative,

seeking to bury her, to wipe out the memory. Still, he carries her in his head

along with the stalking memory that she was non involved. Martha is merely a portion

of the trifles now, he bids her farewell in his head and decides to free

himself of the pebble. He is past his yearss of woolgathering and trusting. Everything

that Lt. Cross carries has more physical weight than those letters, but none

were more of a load to him.

Everything that Jimmy Cross carries bears more physical weight than the

letters. Nothing, nevertheless, seems to be about every bit much of a load. Cross is an

nescient immature adult male traveling into the war. Lavender & # 8217 ; s decease and everything traveling on

around him opens his eyes to the immediate dangers. What he has, both inside

and exterior, have kept him from recognizing this. & # 8220 ; His duty was non to be

loved but to lead. & # 8221 ;

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