The Threat Of Nuclear Weapons Essay Research

The Threat Of Nuclear Weapons Essay, Research Paper

Ever since the first atomic arm was built in 1945, atomic war has been a menace. The two major

atomic powers in the universe today are the Soviet Union and the United States. If a war of all time broke out between

the two, which involved the usage of atomic arms, the whole universe would endure from the effects. In this

study I am traveling to turn out that atomic arms are a menace to all of us.

A atomic arm is any device that causes an detonation by the release of the energy in an atom.

They are much more powerful than any conventional or & # 8220 ; non atomic & # 8221 ; arms. Nuclear arms are divided

into two groups: fission arms, which are frequently called atom bombs, and thermonuclear or merger arms,

which are frequently called H bombs because that is what they are made of.


Fission arms cause an detonation by the splitting of atomic karyon. This happens when a neutron

collides with the karyon of an atom. The protons in the karyon are transformed into a great sum of energy

and two or three more neutrons are sent out, which go on to divide other karyon. If this continues a procedure called

a concatenation reaction will happen. When this happens a fission detonation is the consequence. To organize a concatenation reaction, a

certain sum of stuff is needed. This sum is known as the critical mass. If the sum is excessively little it

is known as a subcritical mass. The critical mass of a material depends on its pureness. The stuffs used in

doing fission arms are uranium and Pu. They are the lone elements able to be used in doing a

fission arm.

There are two different ways to do a fission arm: the gun-type method and the implosion

method. In the gun-type method, two pieces of stuff, each holding a subcritical mass, are placed at opposite

terminals of a metal cylinder. One of the pieces has a powerful, nonnuclear explosive behind it that explodes on

impact and drives the piece into the 1 at the other terminal. The atoms in the stuff the collide and get down a

concatenation reaction. In the implosion method a ball of either uranium or Pu is surrounded by a big sum

of nonnuclear explosive. When triggered it compresses the atomic stuff, which besides causes a concatenation



Thermonuclear or merger arms get their destructive power from the combine of light atoms.

Hydrogen, the lightest component, is used in doing merger arms. When the atoms of the component fuse, they

release a great sum of energy. The lone job is that the vitamin E

lement must be heated to a temperature of 50

million grades Celsius. The lone manner to make this, without utilizing more energy than is produced, is to utilize a

fission detonation. So, a ball of H is surrounded by either U or Pu and so by a non

atomic explosive. When the explosive is set off it causes the U or Pu to fission, which in bend

causes the H to blend.


In 1939, the U.S. authorities became concerned that the Nazi Germans may be capable of constructing a

atomic arm, so upon fall ining World War II, the United Sates began a secret operation called the Manhattan

Undertaking to construct their ain atomic arm. The first experimental atomic arm was exploded on July

16,1945, by J. Robert Oppenheimer. It was a 22 kiloton implosion-type device. This trial convinced the U.S.

authorities that atomic arms could be used in war. On August 6, 1945, the United States used the first

atomic arm on the Nipponese metropolis of Hiroshima. It was a 13 kiloton gun-type fission bomb. Three yearss

subsequently, the United States dropped a 22 kiloton implosion-type fission bomb on another Nipponese metropolis called

Nagasaki. On August 14, eight yearss after the first bomb was dropped, the Nipponese surrendered, which

brought an terminal to World War II.


The three chief effects that would follow a atomic detonation are blast, thermic radiation or heat, and

radiation. The really first thing to go on is the formation of a bolide. The fireball gives off the thermal

radiation that vaporizes anything within a one-fourth stat mi and ignites flammable stuffs within 10 stat mis. The

thermic radiation can do oculus hurts every bit good as tegument Burnss called flash Burnss. Between 20 and 30 per cent

of the deceases at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were caused by flash Burnss. When the bolide begins to disperse it

signifiers a blast moving ridge that travels off from the detonation at velocities up to 400 stat mis per hr. This destroys most

edifice within 6 stat mis. It besides kills most people within 3 stat mis and badly injures or kills most people up to

6 stat mis off. Then comes the radiation. It is made up of neutrons that were left over after the detonation.

When these neutrons come in contact with populating cells they damage or even destruct them. A individual exposed to

big sums of radiation will normally decease.

Some scientists believe that the dust and fume from the fires after a atomic war would do a

worldwide chilling of the planet, which is known as a atomic winter. For this ground, the states at war would

non be the lone 1s to endure.

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