The threats remain the economic

6 June 2016

ADV advertising company is a New York based advertising company. It primarily provides services to jewellery firms through advertising tools like catalogs, brochures, calendars, post cards, invitations and posters. We focus on strategic analysis in this report through focusing on internal and external factors affecting the company.

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The threats remain the economic
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The day to day operations are being carried out by the five major departments-purchase, operations, marketing, human resource and accounting. The strengths of the company lie in long years of experience, international presence, and goodwill, though the weakness is the high dependence of its revenue on the jewellery firms.

The firm is a part of the external market and is affected by current economic slowdown of its clients. The technological advancements and changes in socio-cultural factors make the company constantly seek innovations in its services through proper research and development.

There are huge opportunities for the advertising firms like ADV in today’s intense competitive world.

The threats remain the economic slowdown and requirement of newer methods of advertising.

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