The Time Machine: Imaginative Journeys

4 April 2017

Imaginative journeys are exciting and potentially dangerous. They can take you to exotic and mysterious places, where if you are perceptive, you can grow in maturity and wisdom. This is a true statement that can only be discussed fully with reference to The Time Machine. The imagined world in the text is placed into the future. It is a vision of a troubled future. A dystopia inhabited by Eloi and Morlocks. The Eloi are a beautiful, friendly and fragile race of small creatures.

The Morlocks are a futuristic equivalent to our current day primates who live underground, away from the light. These races represent excitement and danger. The Eloi are extremely exciting despite their primitive behaviour. On the other hand, the Morlocks are very dangerous. They are aggressive and carnivorous who sometimes make a meal of an Eloi. The imaginative journey to this futurist world is nothing short of exotic or mysterious. Mystery is portrayed all throughout the text.

The Time Machine: Imaginative Journeys Essay Example

The best example is of the White Sphinx. It represents a religious, pagan symbol. It tells the reader that things are not quite right. The futuristic world however is not exotic. The underground is full of darkness whilst above ground there is but ruins and large buildings that the Eloi inhabit. Time travel is the novel is portrayed as a mystery. The Time Traveller had no idea where he would end up in the future and throughout his journey, the futuristic world is still seen as a mystery.

The end of the novella is seen as a cliff-hanger where he travels back in time. It delivers the mystery of what will happen to the Time Traveller on his second journey. The Time Traveller through his journey into the future was very perceptive and thus he grew in maturity and wisdom by the end. The dangers of the underground Morlock world are that of darkness. The Time Traveller was very perceptive as he knew the Morlocks’ hated the light and thus he lit matches so keep them away. He also was able to have a relationship with an Eloi, Weena.

She followed him on his journey and helped him survive. You as the reader can also grow in maturity and wisdom through being perceptive of an imaginative journey. Imaginative texts can challenge our thinking and broaden our understanding but only through understanding the text can you really benefit. The Time Traveller is a brilliant example of an imaginative journey. It takes you on an exotic and mysterious adventure to the future. From reading this novella, you can grow in maturity and wisdom.

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