The Toadstool Wood

12 December 2016

One child is “it” and leaves the group while the other players choose an object in the classroom. The child who is “it” returns and tries to guess the object. She can ask a maximum of 10 questions of the group members, all of which must be answered by yes or no. Have the “it” child call on children and ask one question of each person until she has asked 10 questions. Depending on your group size, the “it” child may ask more than one question of some members.

If your group is comprised of more than 10 children, you may increase the number of yes/no questions so each child has a chance to answer a question. The “it” child may take a guess at any point, but after 10 questions, the “it” child must take a guess. Whether she is right or wrong, another child takes a turn at guessing. WHAT AM I The teacher starts out by saying, “I was in the forest and I heard this sound _____. ” (i. e. chirp like a bird) Then say, “I turned around and saw a _____. Students need to guess what you saw. Continue playing, making new sounds. After a few rounds, pick students to lead the game. A variation of this game is to change the location (try sounds in the zoo; at school; in the city). TOSS THAT SMILE Children can sit in circle or throughout the room as long as everyone can see each other. Identify one child as the “smile tosser”. All children are to keep a straight, serious face while the smile tosser smiles.

The smile tosser will smile at all players trying to get them to crack a smile or laugh. If anyone smiles or laughs, they are out of the game. Those out of the game must be absolutely quiet during the rest of the game. The smile tosser can wipe off his smile with his hand and throw it to another player if he wishes. The receiving player will put on the smile and be the new smile tosser. You can even set a time limit on how long your smile tosser is allowed to keep his role

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