The Trans-Siberian Orchestra “Beethoven&#39s Last Night”

9 September 2019

What has amazing vocals and awe-inspiring orchestral feats combined with an intriguing story and Fate, no less? The Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s performance of “Beethoven’s Last Night!”

The orchestra has taken rock as we know it and put it to Beethoven’s groundbreaking compositions for a result nothing short of spectacular. You’ll feel the emotion put into every note and the practice it took to express it all in these 22 pieces.

It begins with the Overture, a taste of what is to come. At first, I had no idea why it was there or why parts of that first track sounded similar to the music on the rest of the CD, but I have learned a lot since then.

Be warned, however: the first time you listen to the CD, allow yourself time to go through the entire story without interruption, plus more for repetition of favorite songs. Also, do not read the entire account that is in the CD’s booklet! Follow along as the tracks unfold the plot; it is necessary to understand the tale.

And what an amazing tale it is, to be tied in with the music so gracefully. It is about, as the title says, Beethoven’s last night on earth. There’s Fate, her son Twist, ghosts of souls returning, decision, lamentation, love, power, redemption, damnation, even the Devil!

The nuances of the story would be lost if not for the music. Most people have probably heard Beethoven’s work without realizing it, as I had, and teens might be surprised at how much they can relate to this story. Life-changing decisions, love, loss, regret, happiness, seemingly unending angst, a search for whom you truly are … any of these things ring a bell? And all of it set to guitars, basses, strings, keyboards, pianos and heart-beating drums with lyrics, vocals, and blending to boot.

To all those who wish to be taken away, listen to the trial of “Beethoven’s Last Night.” It’ll rock your world.

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