The Traveler by Mikey Wax

There’s something about Mikey Wax that makes me know it won’t be long until his name is familiar in the households of many. In a nation of music-lovers and star-spotters, word of mouth is often sufficient when it comes to generating celebrity. For this reason, Mikey has set out a number of house tours (which are indeed, exactly what they sound like- a concert in your living room) aimed at creating a fan base on a personal, yet widespread level. As a New Yorker, Mikey often performed on the East Coast, so when I discovered, by way of his website, that he would be touring on the West Coast this time, I immediately requested that he come my way. Through a thread of emails over the course of a few months, we set the time, date and place. Contrary to the point of a “house tour” I asked him to perform at my school, taking this amazing opportunity and turning it into a fund-raiser for a club in new of financial aid. Before I knew it, Mikey was calling me to tell me he was about an hour away. Shortly after, he pulled up to the curb, all by himself in a rented car full of musical equipment, stepped out and gave me a hug. All smiles and friendly conversation, it felt as though we had known each other for years. It wasn’t until he began to play about an hour later that I remembered that he was a musician- a very talented musician. His mastery of vocals, piano and guitar provided a stunning one-man show. The songs that I had loved and listened to for years were, played live, even more beautiful. Mikey’s Albums, “Change Again,” “For Better or Worse,” and “The Traveler,” are characterized by a gentle acoustic rhythm and resonating lyrics that can be enjoyed by any audience. Between his raw natural talent and his charismatic personality, I know that Mikey Wax is going places in the music industry.

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