The Travesty of the Holocaust

The Holocaust is perhaps one of the worst cases of genocide in the world. There has been friction between Jews and Christians. Moreover, there were Christian groups and movements that considered the Jewish people as Christ killers and they hated the Jews because of that. Therefore, the conflict between Jews and Christians has a long history. Firstly, the government legislated that Jews be excluded as members of the society. How could the world remain silent?” People see. People hear. People know. Most of society remained silent while the Jews were being exterminated.

The Holocaust was not wholly against the Jewish people. It is these people that are not being recognized or remembered because of the focus on the Jewish people. Probably, resentment emerges when the Holocaust is remembered as if only the Jewish people suffered from it. Jews were portrayed as the ‘murderers’ of Christ.

The Holocaust represents a dark period of history.

The Holocaust did not only affect the Jewish people, there were also other groups of people who suffered and almost perished because of the Holocaust. In addition to remembering the Holocaust, it is necessary to recognize and remember that other groups of people also suffered.

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