The Triumph of Talent

4 April 2015
An analysis of individual skill, aptitude, and the ability to do things others cannot and the effects on the philosophy of modernity.

This paper discusses capitalism, communism and socialism with the common thread of the individual’s role in each society. The writer claims that every person on earth has some special talent, some special ability or ambition, and that by allowing individuals to freely express their individual talents, the entire world reaps the benefits. The writer describes two different meanings of the word talent and concludes that talent, in all its meanings, is the foundation of a better world.
Words, like ideas can have many meanings. Take for example the word talent. Mention the term to almost any modern day American or European, and what comes to mind but an actor or an actress on the silver screen, or perhaps a painter, or an athlete. Talent is skill; aptitude, the ability to do things others cannot. But, to the ancients talent had quite a different meaning. A talent was a unit of weight most often applied to the measurement of precious metals.

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