Jon Steinbeck is an excellent book that answers this question perfectly. George and Lennie display the true meaning off friendship In so many different ways In this novel. George and Lennie show how you can be two different people but somehow have a connection inside. George tells Lennie about living off the “fatta of the land” and tries to boost his confidence by letting him imagine the life ahead. If it wasn’t for

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George who knows where Lennie might have ended up, he would have been helpless and confused for his entire life. George is like a caretaker instead of Just a friend. George cares enough about Lennie to help In succeed in life for example, he helps Lennie earn money to achieve the dream of owning rabbits. The only way that Lennie has learned to interact with other people is through the actions of George. There is no way Lennie could have ever imagined accomplishing this dream on his own.

This relationship is more than Just your typical friendship this is a “true friendship”. Would you go this far for your friend? For example, George killed Lennie to protect him from the road ahead. If you can kill the person you are trying to have a dream with this should be a sign that they are Important to you. When you think about the situation they benefited from each others company. In addition, George was willing to live with the thought that he had killed his best friend.

George did this because he abed enough about Lennie to protect him rather than enjoying his presence. He killed Lennie only to benefit him, he wouldn’t have done it out of meanness. If you can do this for someone you are a truly kind person. So, what Is the true meaning of friendship? I bet you can answer that question now. I would answer none other than George and Lennie. These two are the one thing I think of when I think of the true meaning of friendship. Would you do all this to benefit your friendship?

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