The True Meaning of Words (Rough Draft)

6 June 2019

Words. They hold great meaning, create stories, and open doorways to unimaginable worlds. Well, at least that’s what words do for me. Since I was a child, reading was always important….it helped me escape the world, my problems, and my life. Words helped me slip though the drama of high school and all the other obstacles o a teenager. They led me to the dreams and adventures that were bound inside the covers of each novel that I read. Instead of facing the reality of my parents fighting, my mother’s downward spiral, and surviving high school I buried my nose inside numerous books, protected by stories that I would lose myself in.

I found sanctuary in my English classes and the school library; because those were the only places I felt I could be myself. As I leafed through memoirs, poetry books, and novels I became more knowledgeable about the subject. Writing soon became another passion which helped me free myself of problems in my life and creative side of myself. Words have allowed me to grow into the person I am today and become knowledgeable about the world around me. My ideas, dreams, and beliefs have been shaped by the stories, life experiences, and powerful messages from each author whose work I have read.

The True Meaning of Words (Rough Draft) Essay Example

I hope to spread this passion and interest in writing in the future by becoming an English teacher. I believe that teaching is a great way to help develop the mind of each generation and encourage each student to learn more. I want to change the lives of the future generation with English because that’s how my life began to change. I want to show future students that getting an education is important for both their futures and their minds. The world evolves and changes because of the knowledge and the minds of each passing generation. Yes, success and wealth may seem important but it’s the mind and education that’s leads to the evolution of the human race. I stay true to that belief and wish to pass that on to the future generation.

I would be honored to study English Education at Kean University. I feel that this university will help me develop and perfect the skills needed to become a teacher. The values and support that Kean University holds are what I believe I need. Kean University would allow me to grow as an individual and teach me core values that I would bring with me even after graduating.

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