The Truth About Wage Inequality

This paper intends to show that wage inequality based on gender is still a workable and imperative issue in today’s American society.

The following essay argues that gender issues with regards to wage equality in the American society still exist today. The author argues that although women have interrupted careers in order to tend to family matters, organizations have no right to lower the female’s wages because of potential pregnancy or family matters.
From the paper:

“The fact that women often have interrupted careers in order to raise children or tend to family matters, as a reason for their lower pay. Using this logic we can assume that some people feel women are less reliable as well, for they fear women may have to leave their jobs in order to care for family or children. While some women do indeed leave their jobs to care for family only to return later, this should not be a factor in determining pay for women with equal skills to that of a man (Stewart, Prandy et al. 1980) .”

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