The Truth Behind False and Biased Reporting

Did you know Americans are continuously deceived by the media? I doubt anyone would accept this if they knew the truth behind their stories. These major “news” outlets twist and shape stories to their liking all the time, which only leads Americans to distrust them. Even worse, this dishonesty leads to misled assumptions that are based of reporting that simply is not true. Even if some do not believe this present issue, this negative influence still undermines the belief of letting people think for themselves. False and biased journalism by major media platforms, or as some people say “fake news,” is harmful to society. We see this with such fabrications as reporting President Trump as a racist, accusing him of colluding with Russia, and consistently having a negative tone towards his agenda.

Calling our president a racist without reason only gives people the false impression that our leader discriminates among people of different races. According to Google, the term racist is defined as “a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.” Now, one reason someone may ask if Trump is a racist is his travel ban, or as the media likes to call it, the “Muslim ban.” Trump backs his reason for this, saying that muslims, at large, are contributing a great deal to criminal outbreak in the states. The media responds to this by crying racism, however it’s a fact that muslim is not even a race. This exposes false reporting in the sense of setting a double standard between Trump and former President Obama. The exact same 7 countries that Trump restricted are the same ones that the Obama administration regarded as the most dangerous in the world with regarding to harboring terrorists. This is interesting as “racist and racism” wasn’t emphasized when proposed by him. Another key figure in proving the media gives this false label is Omarosa Manigult, the director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison for the Trump administration. In an interview by the Charlotte Observer in December 2016, Omarosa states, “as far as race, I can only talk of my experiences with Donald… Look at my career, the wealth and exposure I’ve had: It’s very difficult to make the argument that Trump doesn’t like black people.” She also states that Trump has given her the personal directive that with the 4,000 jobs they need to fill, he wants his administration “to be the most diverse in history.” Another figure that proves this label false is Dr. Ben Carson, the head of HUD. This involvement of black people in his administration, and double standard set with a former president, shows that the media works to shape public opinion in their own will and interests.

Trying to push the impression that President Trump colluded with Russia to his advantage in the election gives people the idea that our president did not rightfully win his position, despite his hard work. The fact that we still see this come up in news stories today shows how desperate the media is to give a negative image of this guy. The Trump-Russia investigation began in early 2016 (around 9 months ago). There has been no solid evidence to support this yet. The White House even states that, “The Senate has found zero evidence of Trump Russia collusion, time to focus on other things.” White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, even stated in a press conference on October 5th, that “The Senate Intelligence Committee says it is yet to come up with any findings of collusion.” With the verification of these certified government officials, it is clear to seethe refusal of the media (liberals/democrats) to accept the defeat of their candidate. In turn, they make a direct effort to undermine Trump’s position.

Perhaps the most obvious deception of the media is the consistent negative tone towards Trump’s agenda. This tone greatly impacts the way the public views Trump. This constant negativity also makes it much more difficult for congress to get anything done, as it results in constant opposition. As stated by Sarah Huckabee Sanders (WH spokeswoman), only 5% of media coverage has been positive towards the president and his administration. This is to the point where it’s laughable. The stock market and economic confidence is at an all-time high, ISIS is on the run, unemployment is at the lowest it has been in 17 years, and the VA, which deals with veteran affairs such as, loans, hospitalization, healthcare, insurance, etc., has experienced multiple drastic remodels. It is very difficult to understand this percentage, with all these reforms in mind. The only explanation is that, again, the media’s primary focus is to give a false narrative of Trump.

The media’s coverage of our President is unfair and takes advantage of US citizens as it shapes public opinion with false information. This is clear to see as major media platforms report Trump being a racist, accuse collusion with Russia, and have nothing good to say about his agenda, all with no proof or reason to back these claims. You can not escape this, this is a simple fact whether it pleases you or not. The major media corporations and reporting networks have a strong hold on their positions and this will not change without everyone’s effort. This effort must go towards abstinence. Don’t read snapchat news articles, don’t read someone else’s review on our President, and keep in mind this anger that the media has towards him when watching the news. Instead of doing any of these things, watch the raw material. Listen to our president’s speeches, watch his rallies, listen to what he has to say and form your own opinion, don’t just simply rely on someone else’s. This is the only way to deal with this injustice to society. Then, possibly, ratings will begin to drop and these platforms will notice that we can not be lied to, and we will not believe everything we hear.

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