The Truth of War

4 April 2015
An analysis of “How to Tell a True War Story” by Tim O’Brien .

This paper discusses the story How the Tell a True War Story, by Tim O’Brien. It describes the universal truths that apply to all people and societies and questions if we live in a state of relativism– one in which perception dictates how we will respond to the tasks that we are given or to the world around us. The paper uses the main characters perspective to illustrate how they each have a different way of looking and reacting to similar events.
“A true war story is never moral. It does not instruct, nor encourage virtue, nor suggest models of proper human behavior, nor restrain men from doing the things they have always done. If a story seems moral, do not believe it” (O’Brien). The author contradicts this thought throughout the story, and contradicts his own words too, but that is part of the beauty of the style and power of this piece, you never can really tell what is true, and what is not.”

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