The Twenty First Century Nursing Leader Essay Sample

9 September 2017

“If your actions inspire others to woolgather more. larn more. make more and go more. you are a leader. ” John Quincy Adams Why begin a paper refering nursing leading with a presidential quotation mark instead than one from Florence Nightingale? Because working as a nurse today requires the accomplishment and diplomatic negotiations of running a state! Bedside clinical nurse duties are helter-skelter. complicated and dynamic. The bedside nurse is expected to expose adept clinical and technological accomplishments with a good-time attitude. The leader of a group with these high outlooks and demands must be prepared for the challenge. Three of the accomplishments necessary to be a success in this challenge are expertness. flexibleness. genuineness. and self-awareness. Expertness in the country in which a leader leads is critical. Does this intend an intensive attention unit manager. must be an expert in all critical attention accomplishments? I do non believe that it does. But. it does intend that they should be able to work in some capacity. non burying their background as a bedside clinician. The squad of nurses should see their leader an built-in portion of their squad. While carry oning research for this paper. I read about several nurses who are presently in leading functions.

One of these nurses. John Gilligan. began his nursing calling later in life. foremost as a Certified Nurses Assistant ( CNA ) . so a Accredited Practical Nurse and presently as a Registered Nurse. He is Board Certified in gerontologies and is the clinical nurse director of a 60-bed memory damage unit in Southampton. Pennsylvania. In September 2012. John was awarded the Joan Ann McHugh Award for Leadership in Long-term Care Nursing. “To this twenty-four hours. Gilligan makes certain that he carries his weight on the squad he’s built. He’s made himself accessible to occupants by puting his desk right in the center of the memory unit’s living country. And CNA’s know from experience that if they need help with occupant attention. Gilligan is at that place for them. ” ( Magan. 2012. parity. 11 ) An effectual leader is painstaking of their actions and strives to take by illustration. John Maxwell ( 2007 ) illustrates this thought with his 13th jurisprudence of leading. The Law of the Picture. “People do what people see. When the leaders show the manner with the right actions. their followings copy them and win. ” ( p. 158 ) If I want a great squad. I must be a great leader. My actions will be reflected in their actions.

The Twenty First Century Nursing Leader Essay Sample Essay Example

I will be required to pattern what I would wish to see in the squad. “The leader must populate in the vision. The leader’s effectual mold of the vision makes the image come alive! ” ( Maxwell. 2007. p. 159 ) To go a successful leader. I must hone my clinical accomplishments every bit good as my character. Maxwell ( 2007 ) insists. “character is besides critical to leadership” ( p. 167 ) . During my calling. the leaders that I have respected and considered successful have considered themselves team members. They were ever willing to help when needed. They did non move selfishly nor do squad members feel subservient. Recently. I was advised. “Learn to maintain the two per centum of the people above happy and make non worry about the 90 eight per centum below. ” This is blue advice. I believe a success leader leads by illustration and by functioning those “below” them. Never be afraid or loath to flip in. be a portion of the squad. I do non believe the leader’s function is to suppress the squad. A successful leader’s function is to function the squad.

The “ninety eight per centum below” are the most of import squad members because they support the “two per centum above” . Flexibility is critical for a successful nurse leader. Bend to non interrupt. like a palm tree during a hurricane. The health care system is altering quickly. Successful nurse leaders must stay cognizant of the hereafter and help their squad members in passage. Kelley Ward. MS. RN describes flexibleness as “being able to happen comfort with ambiguity. uncertainness. and complexness ( Ward. 2002. p. 122 ) . This description of flexibleness is surely compatible with the 20 first century wellness attention system. Nurses are presented with new demands about daily. it is easy for squad members to go overwhelmed. Maxwell’s ( 2007 ) Law of Navigation is an first-class illustration of how to pattern the accomplishment of flexibleness. A successful leader must see what is up in front of the squad ; make up one’s mind what processes to set in topographic point and garner the resources needed. Nursing is a complex and often-chaotic profession. make up one’s minding how to flex thru a state of affairs is frequently the best solution. Flexibility demonstrates resiliency every bit good as the ability to set precedences as needed. Flexibility is such an built-in portion of the nursing profession that it is reflected in the profession’s slang Internet Explorer: flexing down. flex agenda. flex budget.


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