The Two Versions Of Creation Essay Research

8 August 2017

The Two Versions Of Creation. Essay, Research Paper

The Two Versions Of Creation Essay Research Essay Example

The Two Versions Of Creation.

The two versions of creative activity in the beginning of Genesis can be distinguished in

assorted ways. The two narratives differed in how they were told, how worlds were created,

a human s intent in life, and the image and function that God played. In Genesis I, God

seemed more distant from world, and adult male and adult female are considered equal. In

Genesis II, God seems to be more of a male parent figure, and adult male seems to be more superior

than adult female. Both versions were the same in the manner that worlds felt that it was their

responsibility to function God and to make what God wants. The narrative: The Fall From Innocence,

shows that worlds who dishonored and disobeyed God were punished. In both the

2nd narrative of creative activity, and the narrative The Fall From Innocence, adult females are looked

down upon and viewed as inferior to work forces.

Genesis, the first book of the Bible, Tells of the beginning of the universe from the

clip when God created the Eden and the Earth. This first narrative of creative activity, Genesis I,

Tells what is created twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. In this narrative, work forces and adult females were both created in God s

image and similitude. Human intent in life was to hold rule over everyone else. The

worlds were portrayed as persons who needed to be stronger or more powerful than

every other living thing. God said: Let us do world in our image, harmonizing to

our similitude ; and allow them hold a rule over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of

the air, and over the cowss, and over all the wild animate beings of the Earth, and over every

crawling thing that creeps upon the Earth. Worlds were besides given the duty to

expression after and take attention of everything they owned. In Genesis I, God seemed more

delighted, pleasant and cheerful to be giving and making the things he presented the

worlds with. God said things such as: this is yours and I have given you every works

giving seed that is upon the face of all the Earth, you shall hold them for nutrient. Man and

adult female are portrayed as peers in the first creative activity narrative. So God created world in

his image, in the image of God he created them ; male and female he created them. In

Genesis I, when God negotiations of worlds he uses words like, world and them which

refer to both sexes, non one in peculiar.

Genesis II, the 2nd narrative, doesn T give a measure by measure drumhead, but more of an

overall narrative of creative activity. Human intent of life was to till and maintain the garden. The

worlds here believed that cultivating the land was an highly of import undertaking. In the

2nd narrative of creative activity, God seemed really important, like the relationship a male parent

would hold with his ain boy. An illustration of this is after God put Adam in the garden of

Eden and said: You may freely eat of every tree of the garden ; but of the tree of

cognition of good and evil you shall non eat, for in the twenty-four hours that you eat of it you shall

dice. God created all life animate beings throughout this narrative and gave Adam the occupation of

calling them, whatever the adult male called every life animal, that was its name. In

Genesis II, a adult female was created from a individual rib merely to assist the work forces with their different

earthly activities.

In the narrative The Fall From Innocence in the Garden of Eden worlds were told

by God that they could eat the fruit of any of trees in the garden except from T

he tree in

the center of the garden. If they were to eat or even touch this tree in the center they

were to be cursed and they shall decease. A snake tricked Eve and told her that You will

non dice ; for God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be

like God, cognizing good and evil. The adult female who wanted to be wise and who was

tempted by this delectation to her eyes took fruit from the one time out tree. She took

plenty fruit for both her and her hubby ; they both ate it. Sing this ; God comes down

and confronts Adam and Eve and curses them both for interrupting his regulations. God took the

father-type function and punished the adult female by doing future child-birth much more painful.

At the same clip, he put a jinx on Adam by doing it harder for him to cultivate the land

and turn nutrient. Adam and Eve made an guiltless error, they had no thought that the

snake was supplying them with false information, they merely wanted to better their

ain cognition. The Fall From Innocence histories for parts of human nature including

why we sin. A wickedness is something person does that is looked upon as bad or incorrect.

Peoples commit sins all the clip because they are funny or want to seek things they have

ne’er done earlier. We as a society are fallen in the manner that we can t state the difference

between right and incorrect. Many people including political leaders of our state can remain

true to their partner and darnel on him or her. This is incorrect, and we know it s incorrect, but

for some ground we still do it.

In all of these narratives, worlds had a occupation and a intent for being where they were.

When reading these narratives one gets a sense that the worlds believed along the same lines

as the Egyptians had, both thought adult male was better than adult female. The intent behind both

narratives was for the worlds to function God and to make what God wants. God wanted the best

for world ; he wanted to reshape the human s lives and thought they should endeavor

towards flawlessness. One of the chief messages in these narratives was the thought that God was

perfect and that people should pattern their lives after him. The worlds believed that God

merely loves those who obey him, so they worked really difficult at doing themselves perfect

people in order to hold God love them.

Womans are clearly portrayed as inferior to work forces in the narratives of creative activity along

with the narrative: The Fall From Innocence. In the 2nd narrative of creative activity, the first adult male

was created long before the first adult female. The first adult female was merely created because God

didn T think that Adam should be entirely in the Garden of Eden. God said: I will do him

a assistant as his spouse. The function of the adult female ( Eve ) was to assist the adult male ( Adam ) with

his different earthly activities, such as tilling and cultivating the dirt. This at last is bone

of my castanetss and flesh of my flesh ; this one shall be called Woman, for out of Man this one

was taken. Womans were made to look stupid in The Fall From Innocence. God

made Eve non Adam, the 1 who was stupid plenty to interact with the misleading

snake. God besides mad certain that Eve was the 1 who really picked the fruit from the

tree in the center of the garden. God tries to portray the adult female as being selfish, by

doing it look that she was merely seeking to better her ain cognition. In most instances,

these narratives were written to portray adult male as superior to adult female.

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