The Uglies Essay

7 July 2016

I think that the book The Uglies is very similar to our generation now. In the book you are judged by your appearances, teens consider themselves awkward and ugly. They also think that the adults do not understand what they go through as kids, and everything is different from when they were that age. This is exactly how our generation is now. The book takes place in the future, they have hover boards, and their whole life is based around “the operation”, but besides all of that there isn’t a huge difference between our world now and The Uglies.

I think that The Uglies is similar to our generation now because people only care about their appearance and how others see them. The only thing our generation is worried about is our physical appearance; it is all superficial, similar to how the pretties are viewed. “There was a certain kind of beauty, a prettiness that everyone could see. Big eyes and full lips like a kid’s; smooth, clear skin; symmetrical features; and a thousand other little clues. Somewhere in the backs of their minds, people were always looking for these markers…”

The Uglies Essay Essay Example

I think that they created the operation based on a belief that without it they were ugly. “She thought of the orchids spreading across the plains below, choking the life out of other plants, out of the soil itself, selfish and unstoppable. Tally Youngblood was a weed. And, unlike the orchids, she wasn’t even a pretty one. ” (232) Tally is battling what all teenagers today are facing, and that is low self esteem. I think the only reason she feels this way is due to how her society’s view of outer beauty.

No one in this book valued inner beauty. “She’d been an ugly for four years, but a few extra days had brought home to her exactly what the word really meant. Tally peered into her mirror all day, noting every flaw, every deformity. Her thin lips pursed with unhappiness. Her hair grew even frizzier because she kept running her hands through it in frustration. A trio of zits exploded across her forehead, as if marking the days since her sixteenth birthday. Her watery, too-small eyes glared back at her, full of anger.

This quote from the book shows how critical Tally is of herself. This is a direct result of the effects of her “society’s” definition of beauty. We can see aspects of this in our world today. Look at the cosmetic industry and all the products that are available to “correct” the flaws that society says we have. Plastic surgery is a growing industry in our world. They are coming up with new surgeries every year to fix what we think is imperfect about our appearances.

All this just to fit in with the new expectations that we assume will make us acceptable. Think how mundane our world would be if we were all programmed the same, like they are in The Uglies. Where would the individuality be? What would happen to our future and a society? Would “the operation” wipe out or alter our future scientist, astronauts, physicians, and therefore alter our future indefinitely? I believe that it would change everything and our world would no longer be unique. We would no longer have aspirations or motivation to forge our own way.

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