The UK education system

7 July 2017

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First one ‘d wish to knock John Major ‘s place about that a good educa tion is non needfully the key of success in British life.As far as one ‘m concercerned one to the full disagree with it.As far as Mr.Major is concerned one suppose that he did non pay great attending to his school-life: A school- departer at the age of 16 Mr.Major even claimed a recent telecasting interview that he could non retrieve precisely his academic makings were.While the caput of the goverment show it their casual attitude towards the instruction all British political parties are now speaking about the instruction issue really earnestly indeed.In fact in recent old ages the topic has risen to the really top of political agenda.In the twelvemonth 1989-90 disbursement on instruction consumed 14 % of all public outgo in the UK.And every bit far as our state ‘s disbursement on instruction are concerned – they are less so 1.5 % of the whole public expenditure.As far as our primary schools are concerned they are non offering the sub-standart instruction in reading etc.

The trials showed that the mean Russian school-child is 4-5 old ages above his or her American or English contemporary.Just T

he 9-class middle education is enought to enter a good foreign univercity.As far as private schools in UK are concerned i think that they are useful from one side and useless from the other.The costs are very high.If i had 3000 pounds i would not spend them on my education in school.perhaps i would spent them on the education in any univercity but not in school.Nowadays in Russia a lot of private and independent schools were opened.I suppose that they influence better on the moulding the personality but the level of education is lower than in primary comprehensives.As far as education is concerned it must be free of charge from the state or any bany or company.I also suppose that it must be compulsory and every boy and girl MUST have a primary education.But the school must accept pupils on the selective basis with reference to aptitude or ability.In the UK childern are accepted to school on non-selective basis but it is not correct to my mind: intelligent,good, bright pupils must study with lazy and silly ? No. Lets take the Soviet education system as example.There very schools for bright children with a foreign language from the 2nd form and school for silly and lazy with techers,who are always ill.

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