The Undertale Soundtrack by Toby Fox

It’s not a secret that Undertale is an amazing game. Even though the graphics aren’t exactly new, it quickly became extremely popular. If you pay a bit more to get the game however, you’ll get the soundtrack. There’s a large list of songs in Undertale, so i’ll talk about some of them, and then finally score the whole soundtrack.

1.Your best friend
This piece is only a few notes repeated, but it suits Flowey really well. it sounds a little unnerving to me which suits the character. When you play the game for the first time and hear this, you probably won’t think much until Fowey shows his true Motives.

2. Ghost Fight
This is the song for the fight with Napstablook.This is one of my favorites in the soundtrack. It sounds like a 16-bit version of something you would hear in a bar from the 1800’s. I couldn’t help but bob my to the beat of the music. For some reason though, there is a faint sound of wind or laughter that you can barely hear in the background. This sounds like something from Earthbound and I love it.

The theme for the great Papyrus! The song is incredibly catchy,and it will rattle you to the BONE. I’ve listened to this a skeleTON. This song will make you yell “Nyeh heh heh”! (If you haven’t played the game yet none of this probably made sense to you).

4. Battle against a true hero
This song plays during the “genocide” route of the game. This song is amazingly epic and suits the fight extremely well, with the “hero” Undyne, fighting against the “Villain” ,The player. It has good usage of piano and other instruments. Another great song.

5. Metal Crusher
The song for the most Fabulous game show host, Chef, news reporter, and princess, Metaton. If you know the sounds a computer made while connecting to AOL internet This song is made entirely of that. The song is incredibly addictive to listen to and of course suits the character.

6. Your best nightmare/Finale
Flowey Is no longer a simple flower, Instead a Monster That resembles giygas from EarthBound and is true nightmare fuel. The first half consists of incredibly intense music, while the second half is encouraging, and fills you with determination. simply put, it’s awesome boss music.

7. Megalovania
This song has appeared in all of toby fox’s work and it always gets more amazing game after game, with it first appearing in an Earthbound Halloween hack. I liked the Homestuck version of it but the Undertale version takes it to a new level. You’re not going to have a “bad time” listening to it, but you will when fighting the boss that accompanies it.

The Score:
The soundtrack is great to listen to and I highly recommend picking it up with the game if you haven’t done so. The Undertale soundtrack gets a 9.0/10

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