The Unintended Accident

What is failure dictated by? Is it not completing a task in the correct manner, or is not just simply not completing the task altogether? To me it is the ladder of the two, due to events and my ever proceeding procrastination that has changed my perspective on life.

The moment I earned my license I was elated and overjoyed. I could now go where I pleased without hitching a ride from friends or family, but not only did my license enable me to drive a vehicle , it also dictated me as the new taxi for my friends. Within a week or so, one of my good friends (who I have shared many experiences with) needed a ride to her home after tennis practice. I agreed to taxi. Her practice ended a few hours after I was released from school, allowing me to go to my home. I collapsed in my bed, feeling the fatigue of the day bombarding me. With the few minutes of conciseness I had left, I thought about the commitment I made a friend, a responsibility I was to uphold. I fell asleep anyway.

When I woke, I heard the incessant buzz of my phone, which was set on vibrate, and looked at the bright glow of the screen. I had discovered the cause of my phones epilepsy. My friend, the one I was trusted to take home, was in a car accident.

My failure to do this task injured and hurt multiple people, but instead of dwelling, I acknowledged the lesson that was learned and used the scenario to inspire me to do whatever I need to in any situation. Dwelling on a failure allows it to fester into something much larger and damaging, however, accepting and learning from a failure extinguishes it. With any failure there is a potential to learn a lesson, even the ones you do not directly take part in.

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