The United States Of America

8 August 2017

The USA is one of the largest states in the universe. It is situated in the cardinal portion of the North American continent. The country of the USA is over nine million square kilometers. It is washed by the Pacific Ocean and by the Atlantic Ocean. The most northern portion of the USA is Alaska, the largest province, separated from the remainder of the state by Canada.

The United States Of America Essay Example

The population of the United States is about 250 million people, most of the people live in towns.

Peoples of different nationalities live in the USA,

The official linguistic communication of the state is English. The capital of the state is Washington. It was named in honor of the first President, George Washington.

As the USA is a big state, the clime is different in different parts. For illustration, the Pacific seashore is a part of mild winters and warm, dry summers, but the eastern Continental part is watered with rainfall. The part around the Great Lakes has mutable conditions.

There are many mountains in the USA. For illustration, the highest extremums of the Cordillera in the USA are 6,193 and 4,418 meters.

The chief river of the state is the -Mississippi. But there are many other great rivers in the USA: the Colorado in the South and the Columbia in the north West. There are five Great Lakes between the USA and Canada.

The USA produces more than 52 per

cent of the universe ‘s maize, wheat, cotton baccy.

There are many large metropoliss in the state. They are Washington ( the capital of the state ) , New York ( the metropolis of contrasts, fiscal and concern Centre of the USA ) , Boston ( there are many colleges and universities in it ) , Chicago ( one of the biggest industrial metropoliss in the USA ) , San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit ( one of the biggest Centres of the car industry ) .

The USA has an Academy of Sciences. There are many scientific establishments, museums, libraries, theaters and other interesting topographic points in the state.

The USA is a extremely developed industrial state. The USA is rich in mineral resources, such as aluminum, salt, Zn, Cus, and others. The state is rich in coal, natural gas, gold and Ag, excessively. It holds one of the first topographic points in the universe for the production of coal, Fe, oil, natural gas.

Such industries as machine-building, ship-building are extremely developed in the state.

American agribusiness produces a batch of nutrient merchandises: grain, fruit, veggies.

The USA is a federal democracy, dwelling of 50 provinces. Each of these provinces has its ain authorities. Congress is the American Parliament which consists of two Chambers.

The president is the caput of the province and the authorities. He is elected for four old ages.

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