The United States of America

8 August 2017

The United States of America, popularly called “ The States ” . “ U.S.A ” , “ The Land of Liberty ” is a huge state stretching across the center of North America. This state which at one clip inhabited by Red Indians, is now the place of “ state of states ” . as people from every portion of the universe have gone to populate in this land of wealth and promise. These colonists met, mingled, and worked with great endeavor, and as a consequence of their attempts, the United States has become one of the most of import states in the universe.

The United States of America Essay Example

In 1620 the ; Pilgrim Fathers, a set of Puritans in England who sought freedom of worship, set Forth for America in the sailing-ship Mayflower. Three months after go forthing Plymouth Harbour, they reached the shores of what is now called new England, and Founded the America township of Plymouth. Although they frequently had hard times with the native Red Indian folk, the settlement shortly prospered and more and more colonists joined them. The Indians used a new sort of grain, which the colonists called “ Indian maize ” ( now termed corn ) and they ate unusual birds called Meleagris gallopavos. On the 4th Thursday of November the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a banquet of Meleagris gallopavo and Indian maize.

A great many emigres went from European states to America and 13 settlements were formed, all of them under English regulation. The authorities in England, nevertheless, took small involvement in the American settlements, except from the point of position of trade. When certain revenue enhancements and Torahs were ordered by the English Parliament, the settlers opposed them and it bit by bit led to war. At first the settlers fared severely, but subsequently they rallied and finally won concluding triumph, under the able leading of George Washington.

Shortly after the find of the New World by Columbus, many Spaniards travelled northerly from Mexico and settled along the western seashore of America. That is why many topographic points in this country such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Santa Barbara have Spanish names. In 1849 the opportunity find of gold brought many people to California and legion excavation towns sprang up in a really short clip. “ The Golden Gate ” ( the channel linking the seaport of San

Francisco with the Pacific Ocean ) was so called because many of the searchers of the cherished xanthous metal passed this manner to and from the rich gold-fields.

In American metropoliss, work forces have built immense edifices ( skyscrapers ) some every bit many as 50 flats high. The national capital of the United States is Washington and the White House is the place of the President. The celebrated Statue of Liberty in New York seaport was a gift from France.

While English is the national linguistic communication of the state, some immigrants have continued the manners, imposts, and even lingua of their fatherland, and newspapers, in all linguistic communications, may be seen in the book-stalls. Here are some common English words, for which the Americans have different names: sweets-candies, shop-store, motor-car-automobile, pavement-sidewalk, petrol-gas, lift-elevator, dust-bin, garbage-can, holiday-vacation, trousers-pants, waistcoat-vest, a jug-pitcher. There are besides differences in the spelling of certain words: colour-color, honour-honor, programme-program.

The national streamer of the United States of America, normally known as “ The Starts and Stripes ” or “ Old Glory ” , is a flag bearing 50 stars and 13 chevrons. Each star represents a contemporary province and each band stands for one of the original settlements. The national anthem is the “ Star Sprangled Banner ” and the national emblems are the bird of Jove and the American bison. The national athletics may be said to be baseball.


1. What is a popular name for the United States of America?

2. Who are the indigens of the USA?

3. When did the Americans begin to observe Thanksgiving Day?

4. Why are the names of some topographic points Spanish?

5. What is the national capital of the United States?

6. What Statue is the symbol of New York and the United States? Whose gift was it?

7. What other linguistic communications do the Americans speak?

8. What other large metropoliss of the United States do you cognize?

9. How many stars are at that place on the national streamer of the United States of America. What does each star represent?

10. What is the national athletics in the state?

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