The Unjust Assassination Of Julius Caesar Essay

9 September 2017

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The Unjust Assassination Of Julius Caesar Essay Essay Example

One of the basic demands of human nature is to command something in one & # 8217 ; s life whether it be money, or a group of people. Throughout the long history of political relations people have fought for control of the authorities utilizing many different means both merely and unfair. One of the immoral ways to derive power in a political system is by blackwash. This subject is one that is discussed in William Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s drama, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, the narrative of Rome at a clip of political agitation. In the work Caesar, the new bossy leader of Rome, is assassinated by a group of power hungry senators who believe that he is going excessively powerful. Through the usage of the characters of Caesar, Cassius, and Brutus: Shakespeare clearly conveys to the reader that no blackwash is or will of all time be merely.

First, Shakespeare shows that the violent death was unfair through Julius Caesar himself. First, the slaying is proved to be incorrect when Antony reads Caesar & # 8217 ; s will to the populace. For illustration, Antony reads the will to the crowd and in it Caesar & # 8220 ; gives/ , to every several adult male 75 drachmas. & # 8221 ; The plotters killed Caesar on what they believed he might make to the citizens of Rome, when in world he loved them plenty to set them in his will, clearly call offing any good cause for the blackwash. The plotters besides slew Caesar because they believed that he was excessively ambitious. For illustration, when Caesar & # 8220 ; put it [ the crown ] by thrice / and at every putting-by mine honest neighbours shouted, & # 8221 ; he threw the slayers into a covetous tantrum. The minute the plotters learn of this intelligence their programs to kill Caesar move into overdrive, based merely on their reading of an act which was meant to be low, farther reinforcing that the slaying of Caesar had no merely cause. Last, Caesar & # 8217 ; s shade appears to Brutus with some upseting intelligence. When the shade of Caesar appears to Brutus in the center of the dark he tells Brutus & # 8220 ; thou shall see me at Philippi. & # 8221 ; By holding & # 8220 ; thy evil sprit & # 8221 ; of Caesar rise from the dead and appear to Brutus, Shakespeare clearly shows that the slaying of Caesar was non right. Through the actions and words of Julius Caesar, Shakespeare proves that the violent death was unfair.

Shakespeare uses the character of Marc Antony to foster turn out that the violent death was undue. First, Antony implies that the murder was undue during the class of his monologue over Caesar & # 8217 ; s exanimate organic structure. In this soliloquy Antony plots the overthrow of Brutus by & # 8220 ; allow [ ing ] slip the Canis familiariss of war. & # 8221 ; Obviously, merely a individual who believed that the blackwash was incorrect would desire to do entire civil war over the barbarous slaying of one individual. Furthermore, Antony once more reveals his positions on the unlawful blackwash in his monologue. At the beginning of the philippic Antony asks T

he gods forgiveness “that I am mild and soft with these butchers.” The lone motivation for Antony to do this apology it that he truly believes that the blackwash is unfair. Possibly the best and most direct illustration of Antony’s resistance to the blackwash is his clever and lay waste toing address to the crowd of citizens. For illustration, during the class of the address Antony tells the plebeians to mutiny and that “In every lesion of Caesar that should move/ the rocks of Rome to lift and mutiny.” Like the president converting Congress to subscribe an act of war, Antony to the full believes in the cause of the mutiny, that the blackwash incorrect and the plotters must be punished. Through all of these addresss and actions, Antony is one of the biggest advocates in turn outing that Caesar is wrongly assassinated.

Last, Shakespeare erases any uncertainty that the blackwash was non unfair by doing many bad events to go on to Brutus. First, Shakespeare shows that the blackwash of Caesar was unjustified when Portia dies. This, which Cassius exclaims to be a & # 8220 ; indefensible and affecting loss, & # 8221 ; shows that Brutus wrongly assassinated Caesar, when even Portia ( his married woman ) believes that taking her ain life is the lone manner out such an unfair act that she did non perpetrate. Next, Brutus proves that even he felt that the blackwash was undue. Shakspere shows this when Brutus gets into a wrangle with Cassius about, & # 8220 ; we now/ pollute our fingers with base bribes. & # 8221 ; Part of Brutus & # 8217 ; concluding for murdering Caesar was that he was perverting the authorities and deriving power in immoral ways. Consequently, the remotion of Caesar is proven to be wholly bootless because Caesar & # 8217 ; s corrupt ways reappear in Cassius. Last, Brutus to the full realizes that the blackwash was unfair at the terminal of the drama. When the opposing ground forces of Antony is coming to capture him he runs on a blade, stating & # 8220 ; Caesar now be still ; / I killed non thee with half so good a will. & # 8221 ; This clearly shows that through the last several yearss after the blackwash, Brutus has come to recognize that the blackwash of Caesar was incorrect, so incorrect that he believes killing himself is the lone option. Actions every bit good as words of Brutus offer the most believable cogent evidence that the blackwash of Caesar is incorrect.

Through many characters, every bit good as the many well-placed renditions of the characters & # 8217 ; feelings Shakespeare is able to turn out beyond any sensible uncertainty that Caesar & # 8217 ; s cold slaying was unfair. This is one lesson that has been taught over and over in the class of human history, from the blackwash of Lincoln, to the slaying of John F. Kennedy. Human history has shown us that the pickings of a unreplaceable human life to derive something as short lived every bit political power is incorrect and is ne’er a lasting solution to anything.

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