The Unsettling Future in Camus’ The Guest

4 April 2015
A look at the themes of Albert Camus’ short story, `The Guest`.

The paper discusses how the the oppressor and the oppressed in Albert Camus story, `The Guest` have entirely opposite views. It shows that what is not clear at all, however, is who exactly is the oppressed and who is the oppressor – characters Daru and the Arab or Balducci The paper also discusses the message of `The Guest` – that try as we may, we cannot avoid the bleakness of the future; control and oppression may spare us temporarily, but eventually, they will catch up.
“The Guest` proposes a very bleak future. As much as Daru tries to keep to himself, his isolationist ways are consumed by the tumultuous world around him. This message carries particular meaning for America. America has always striven to stay aloof of the world’s problems, but again and again for instance, in World War II and in today’s crisis we are thrust against our will into the thick of disheartening world events.`

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