The Use Of Symbols In Macbeth Essay

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The Use of Symbols in Macbeth

In the drama Macbeth, Shakespeare uses many symbols to add to his narrative. His usage of

blood, H2O, visible radiation, dark, rampant animate beings, and even the enchantresss are illustrations of how he used

symbols to add deepness to his drama. These symbols were frequently times repeating and they were all

related to the cardinal secret plan of the drama.

Shakespeare used blood in this drama several times. Blood is foremost mentioned by Macbeth

shortly after he had slain Duncan. The topic of blood was introduced once more when Duncan & # 8217 ; s

slaying was brought up by Lady Macbeth, every bit good as others subsequently in the drama. In the

aforesaid fortunes, blood was used to typify the guilt, and hurting that Macbeth

and his married woman were sing as a byproduct of the homicidal violent disorder which consumed

Macbeth, and subsequently drove Lady Macbeth to suicide.

If blood symbolized decease, guilt, and hurting, so certainly H2O symbolized cleaning and

peace, and is used in this respect in many literary pieces. In fact, even in the bible, Pontious

Pilate washed his custodies in H2O after condemning Jesus to be crucified. However, Macbeth

references that all of the H2O in the sea would turn ruddy from the blood on his custodies ; which leads

me to the decision that blood was a much more powerful symbol than H2O in this drama.

In Macbeth, visible radiation and dar

K was used in a authoritative sense. Light symbolized all that is

good, and it is no happenstance that when a scene included Banquo or another of the inexperienced person

victims in this drama, the scene was bright. On the other manus, when a scene involved slaying or

the supernatural, such as the scenes affecting the enchantresss, a dark scene was used.

The unusual playing animate beings which were spoken of sporadically during the drama were used

to typify pandemonium. When Duncan was murdered, Shakespeare used these ireful animate beings to

show that something atrocious and unreconcilable had occurred in the land. The usage of these

animate beings was extended to typify the unrest that Macbeth was personally sing due to

the enchantresss & # 8217 ; prophetic statements. Furthermore, the Witches themselves are used to typify

the unexplained, or occult, which was held in high respect at the clip this drama was written.

Shakespeare used symbols in many ways throughout the class of Macbeth. Blood,

Water, Light, Dark, Animals, and the supernatural were The. major symbols that recurred

throughout the drama and were used in a manner so that the audience could truly experience the emotions of

the characters. Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s s use of symbols is a large portion of what has made him one of

the greatest dramatists of all clip, and has perpetuated the public presentation of his dramas for future


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