The value of education

6 June 2017

Write an essay on “The value of education” by comparing and contrasting the ideas given by Library card” and “why go to University”. Your essay should include: (a) Introduction (b) Summary of “The Library Card” (c) Summary of “Why go to University” (d) Why is education considered to be supremely valuable? Ans: The value of education is something about which you can go on writing so many things. It is not something which can develop on a scale basis. The education helps people in two ways -material and intellectual.

If education is some thing which is ssociated with gaining knowledge for better prospectus, then I do not prefer it. In my opinion the real value of education is when it makes people enlightened and removed off from the various prejudices. Education, more than anything, makes a man understand himself more. It opens a broader spectrum for the men. Both these aspects are dealt up in two chapters.

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Through, both of them i. e. the library and the university are places of learning. They both enlighten the people (students). But both have different means to do so.

The library is a place where a person interacts with the books, but in a University, he interacts with people. In the effort of trying to know more about the white writer (Mencken) who wrote in the favor of the blacks, and got criticisms. Mr. Richard Wright (a Negro) comes to know about so may other writers. He knows not only the writers but also the many other writers who have any sort of bias. He comes to learn about so many books which seem to open the floodgates of information and new worlds that Richard himself is amazed about how could people rite so much which they have known.

This also clears the clouds of prejudices held by blacks against the writers. But it also helps certain misconceptions held by Negros (including the writer) to get cleared. The writer realizes the weakness of Negros themselves. He finds the Negros themselves responsible for their condition. He realizes the bias and exploitation between the Negros themselves. But after all it is only the bookish knowledge that Richard gets. He does not get the real feel of human nature. But in contrast of it, we have the University.

There we get the real encounter with people. We come in contact with so many people of so many ethnicity, language, class, culture etc. It is an open book where one makes analysis and understanding on real basis. In this regard the writer has suggested many points as to why to go to University. The University education enhances our chances of career development by way of promotion and sop increasing income and social standings. It teaches us rational and scientific thinking, tolerance, open-mindedness, and the attitude of uestioning established ideas.

It even helps in a hygienic and healthy living. We come in category of learned people, so we are given value, which only library learning may not. Education enhance our self-confidence. Like in case of library, University education also makes us inquisitive. Education by both ways gives us more democratic perhaps. In this way, even through the purpose of both- the library and the university are to give education, but both are also different in their own ways. The value of education By Induyadav3

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