The Value Of Work Experience Essay Research

7 July 2017

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The Value Of Work Experience Essay Research
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The Value Of Work Experience Essay, Research Paper


A summer or parttime occupation pays more than money. Even though the money earned is of import, the work experience gained has a greater long-run value when one applies for a full-time occupation after graduation from school. Job application paperss ( the application space and the personal informations sheet ) ask you to name occupations you have held and to name as mentions the names of persons who supervised your work. ( Gieseking and Plawin, 1994, 22 )

As one immature individual was heard to note, & # 8220 ; You can & # 8217 ; t acquire a occupation without experience, and you can & # 8217 ; t acquire experience without a job. & # 8221 ; That quandary can be overcome, nevertheless, by get downing work early in life and by accepting simpler occupations that have no minimal age bound and do non necessitate experience.

Jobs Teens Can Make

Get down early at occupations that may non pay particularly good but assist to set up a on the job path record: delivering newspapers, baby sitting, cut downing lawns, helping with horticulture, and the similar. Use these work experiences as springboards for such subsequently occupations as gross revenues clerks, gas station attender, fast-food worker, lifesaver, resort area supervisor helper, and office staff helper ( after you have developed basic

office accomplishments ) . As you progress through these work geographic expedition experiences, seek progressively to acquire occupations that have some relationship to your calling programs. If, for illustration, you want a calling affecting frequent contact with people—as in sales—seek part-time and summer work that gives you experience in covering with people. Hamel, 1989, 10 )

How to Manage Yourself on the Job

Whatever the occupation you are able to acquire, the following arrows will assist you win in acquiring good recommendation for the following occupation you seek.

1. Be punctual. Get to work on clip and return from tiffin and other interruptions quickly.

2. Get along good with others. Make your occupation good and offer to help others who may necessitate aid. Take way with a smile alternatively of a scowl.

3. Speak proper English. Teenage slang is frequently lost on the grownups who are likely to be your supervisors.

4. Dress the portion. Detect the unwritten frock codification ; dress as others on the occupation do. Always be orderly and clean.


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Schuster, 1994.

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