The Vibrators “Pure Mania”

“Pure Mania” by the Vibrators is an incredibly fun punk album from the ?s that is infinitely underrated. Many people have never heard of the Vibrators, which is a shame since the group is amazing. The Vibrators have a poppier sound than other ?s punk acts but still maintain a raw, rebellious feel. The songs on “Pure Mania” are mostly upbeat, like the endlessly enjoyable “Yeah Yeah Yeah” or the energetic “Whips and Furs.” There are a lot of love songs, but none is sappy or whiny, which is incredibly refreshing. Some hardcore punks might not like the poppy feel, or that there is an anti-drug song on the album (“Keep It Clean”), but the Vibrators definitely aren’t prudes, and one listen to this album will prove that. Another nice facet of the Vibrators is that they are musically talented – perhaps not virtuosos, but good enough. Somehow they manage to craft catchy, danceable punk rock that is a joy to hear. Any fan of punk rock, or just good rock ‘n’ roll in general, should buy this album.

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