The Village Toothbrush Presents: The TurbOscillator

4 April 2015

This business plan is an analysis of the electric toothbrush market in the United States that is used to develop a plan to market a new electric toothbrush in China. This business plan then analyses the Chinese markets in order to decide the best way to position the new product in the market. The final strategy is based upon the analysis of all of the information gathered from the studies done in both countries, and then a suitable plan is developed and executed.

From the paper:

“The expansion of trade shows also serve as evidence of the growth of China’s dental market. The 2001 Sino-Dentech, generally believed to be the largest international dental show in China so far, drew about 170 international exhibitors from all over including Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, U.S., and even Liechtenstein. Prior to 1996, dental products had been exhibited together with other medical devices. Now the annual show is drawing increasingly larger and larger number of exhibitors, totaling 463 in 2001, and visitors. The growth of the domestic dental industry has been substantial in the past several years. There are currently over 100 domestic dental product manufacturers in China, mainly concentrating on the low-tier market. This allows foreign imports to gain control of the medium and high end product segments, of which The Village Toothbrush primarily markets to.”

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