6 June 2019

“In order to fully enjoy life, one must question everything.” That is the motto I live by. Where did the world come from? Do we dream a reality, or do we wake up in a dream? I consider myself a philosopher so to speak. My way of thinking has no boundaries, and that’s going to help me excel through your college. My thoughts about everything in the world have changed throughout my life because of a traumatic experience. Not being able to walk for three months was very hard for me, and not knowing what the cause of it all was stressful as well. That experience has influenced me to major in Criminal Justice. Joining the FBI is one thing I want to accomplish.

I loved playing sports when I was young. Being active was one of my favorite things to do. It all came to an abrupt end when my legs gave out on me as I played soccer. During the game, I had a feeling that I was flying, and then I landed on the floor. I was laughed at because everyone had thought I tripped. I laughed with them, until I realized I lost feeling in my legs and I couldn’t get up. I was rushed to the hospital. The ride there was scary to me, I was given oxygen, and the paramedics were telling me “you’re going to be okay.” Not being able to walk is not okay, I thought to myself. At the emergency room tests were done and when the doctor walked into my room, his face was expressionless. Either doctors always looked serious or I was about to hear some bad news.

The doctor spoke in monotone, “We don’t know the cause of your inability to walk,” he hesitated, “so we need more time to get an accurate diagnosis.”
“How long is it going to take?” I asked.
“About five days.”

Who knew those five days would end up being three months. It was a point in my life where I deemed myself useless. During that time I was miserable and I didn’t want to be seen. It wrecked my mentality. Three months later my parents received a call. The doctors had found the source of the problem. My joint wasn’t attached to my hip bone. Surgery was needed, and I was going to have screws put in so my bones would be able to grow with the hip joint. I was in complete bliss after my rehabilitation because I began walking normally. I will never take walking for granted. I look at that experience now as the start of my philosophical journey, or future. Why did I have to go through this? I am thankful it happened to me because even though it was traumatic to me, it helped me become the sane person I am today.

I have an interest to major in Criminal Justice. This career can make up the years I lost not being able to join sports. I want to feel that adrenaline rush I had felt when I was young, before my incident. FBI agents get that every day they work. I researched the career and I figured it was something I plan on doing my whole life. I look forward to joining the FBI. Being an agent means going through gory and mysterious cases, and traveling around the world to train. I want to visit Valencia, Spain, which is where my ancestors are from. The scenery is beautiful, and If I get the chance to visit, I would feel like nothing mattered.

Not being able to walk for three months was very hard for me, and having to wait for the diagnosis was difficult as well. That experience has influenced me to major in Criminal Justice. Joining the FBI is one thing I want to accomplish. Now, I see myself differently. I am someone that can make a difference not only for myself but my family and close friends. I learned that you don’t need anything to hold you back to what you want to succeed in. The negativity that surrounds me instantly turns into the force that drives me to show people that I can be the best at anything I put myself to.

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