The Wall

Have you ever stopped to appreciate a wall? Well, you should! Walls are terribly mistreated and we don’t even give it a second glance. They have been there for us for a long time, and nowadays, we don’t care. They’ve been abused for so long, it’s amazing that they’re still standing.
The wall has been there for us ever since we were born. It gives us shelter from the harsh weather. It closes us off from the world when we want to be alone. It has supported us through thick and thin, in sickness and in health. It has kept our secrets and never once has it betrayed us.
It has been on our side for so long, but how do we repay them? We hang posters on it’s face to hide it’s dullness. Would you like it if someone hammered a nail into your head? We throw things at it, we spit on it, heck, we even pee on it. We write bad things on it and kick it. We shoot it, throw bombs at it, nuke it, and drive into it.
We use and abuse the wall so much. The wall has been there for us, our parents, our parent’s parents, and even our parent’s parent’s parents. It kept a roof over our head, andwe could always lean on it and trust it would never let us fall. So next time you see a wall, make sure you give it proper gratitude. HUGS FOR THE WALL!!

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