The Wall:Classic Reviews by Pink Floyd

10 October 2019

You probably should’ve seen this coming. For those of you who know, I will be doing almost nothing but progressive rock and metal. You really can’t have a proper series of these album reviews without doing at least one review of the Prog Giants:Rush, Yes, and Pink Floyd. It would be a son if this wasn’t the case. But moving on here;Pink Floyd is a progressive rock band that formed in the 60s with more of an underground, psychedelic rock in that time. Since Meddle in `71 however, that route was forever changed for the better. Then Dark Side of The Moon came and took the world by storm forever revolutionizing the way people look at music today. However we’re not going to be talking about that instead we’ll be talking about the last album with Roger Waters and their last album of the 70s.
The Wall was released in 1979 to represent the departure of Roger Waters and to also make an album up to Dark Side of the Moon standards, which they managed to do easily. Following a story similar to a King Crimson album a decade prior called In The Court of the Crimson King where the protagonist Pink goes gets arrested and is set free for whatever reason. Though the similarities end there, Pink also goes through character changes as he gets older and eventually becomes a rock star as well. This 80 minute masterpiece is able to convey alot of emotion all throughout the album. Every tracks fits right into the next and, did I mention there are 26 tracks? Ok, while most are one or two minute transitions, the continue the story very well. Of course there have to be notable tracks like Another Brick In The Wall, Goodbye Blue Sky, In The Flesh(2nd one), Comfortably Numb, Hey You and Run Like Hell all make the story that much more vivid. Also, in Goodbye Blue Sky, I find a riff to the Metallica song Fade To Black which is cool but also adds layers of atmosphere to Pink`s independing doom, meaning its very forbodding. Some transitions I wish were made into full length tracks but, maybe its for the better that they stay transitions.
One of the best progressive rock albums in my opinion. I give this a 10/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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