The War on Drugs: Fighting a Losing Battle

4 April 2015
This paper explores drug prohibition in America. It is written from a point of view that supports the legalization of drugs. Political, constitutional and financial affects on American government are discussed.

This paper examines the repercussions of drug prohibition. This paper is written from a point of view that supports the legalization of drugs. It explores the history of America’s War on Drugs from a political and financial standpoint. Crime, civil liberties, foreign countries economies and medical uses for illegal drugs are discussed. Many of the statistics that are studied in this paper are taken from the DEA’s web site and proven to be invalid through outside sources. This paper looks at where the government funding for drug prohibition goes; it also looks at drug prices, crime rates and statistics pertaining to the inmate population of drug offenders.
“Every year America’s drug policies are debated in Washington. These drug policies are never debated seriously, the only aspect our elected representatives focus on is how much more money should America spend battling drugs. Outside of Washington there is a growing unease about the war on drugs. Many Americans are concluding that the drug war has been given a fair chance to work and has failed. America’s war on drugs is an unsuccessful battle, and it’s time for a governmental reform.”
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