The Wavering Son

4 April 2015
A character analysis of Neoptolemus based on Sophocles’ play Philoctetes.

This paper is a character analysis of Neoptolemus based on Sophocles? ?Philoctetes?. It focuses on the complex thought processes that lead to the swaying on Neoptolemus? decision. The paper also deals with the consequences of Neoptolemus? moral and immoral decisions and directs much attention to the relationship between Odysseus and Neoptolemus and the relationship between Philoctetes and Neoptolemus.
From the paper:

?The character of Neoptolemus in Sophocles? ?Philoctetes? shows a glimpse at the complex thought processes of a young man of integrity. The play also sets an interesting polarity of choice for Neoptolemus. Should he do what is right or should he do what is expedient? By doing both, he realizes the consequences of his decision to abandon morality. This growth in the character for Neoptolemus is a fine paradigm for the emotional maturity of the young.?

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