The West Indian Festival Essay Research Paper

7 July 2017

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The West Indian Festival Essay Research Paper
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The West Indian Festival Essay, Research Paper

The West Indian Festival

Carnival was the largest, most colourful and vivacious cultural cultural festival I had of all time experienced in my life. Carnival is what the West Indians call this hideous event. Carnival is merely one facet of the Caribbean Culture. Every twelvemonth this event takes topographic point on Blue Hill Ave in Dorchester, Boston. All the streets environing Blue Hill Ave. are closed for this one-year particular event.

It was a hot summer twenty-four hours on August 28th, 1999. My best friend Jessica and I had been uneasily waiting for this event to get. As we approached the scenery of a immense crowd, I felt a vibrating feeling from my tummy traveling all the manner out of my oral cavity into a immense giggling outburst. It was a feeling of joy and exhilaration. I could hear the loud Soca, Calypso and reggae music piercing through my ears, playing out of the dorsum of these immense shiny Ag trucks. All the work forces and adult females were have oning colorful, glamourous and alien costumes. My favourite costume that I saw was an all white plume costume with diamond he-mans on the Crown and a white plume skirt with diamond he-man all around it. The large Ag trucks had big loud talkers in the dorsum and

some island misss dancing in the dorsum, making a particular dance called whinning were they move their waist lines in a circle gesture.

I was have oning my ruddy halter-top, black Capri bloomerss and white tennis places. The colourss of my vesture represented the colour of Trinidad which is my female parent comes from. As Jessica and I walked among the immense crowd squashing ourselves through the crowd ; I could smell some spicy dishes of curry poulet, dork poulet, rice and beans every bit good as a poulet rhotti which is made out of a soft fluffy pocket bread staff of life stuffed with curry poulet and boiled murphies.

Waiving my bantam Trinidad flag in the air, I danced like ne’er before in the crowd to my favourite Soca vocal & # 8220 ; Respond & # 8221 ; . I was holding the clip of my life vocalizing and dancing through the celebrations. While I was dancing with joy it started to rain and everybody kept on dance and jumping about. It was even more merriment dance in the rain ; it made the Carnival more wild and adventuresome.

I will ne’er bury this unbelievable event. I felt as if I was on top of the universe. I guess one time in everyone & # 8217 ; s life-time there is ever one memorable twenty-four hours whether it is fun or sad. I am already visualising another Boston Carnival in the twelvemonth 2000.

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