The White Album by The Beatles

β€œThe White Album.”

The Beatles, β€œThe White Album” is really a bizzare collection of songs, most of which I do not care for. There are a number of popular songs; Back in the U.S.S.R., Blackbird and Birthday and then there are a bunch of songs that sound like they were composed while taking heavy doses of 1960s drugs,especially a song called Revolution 9, which I just find downright terrifying. The white album is an odd collection of ideas and mistakes. This is one of the most bizarre CDs u have ever listened to. When my dad suggested that I use this album for this assignment was intrigued, after listening more I was almost scared to have these “unique” sound waves lofting into my ears. One blogger went as far as to call it a “mistake” . While some of the songs on this album were downright scary some of the Beatles best songs were on this album. Of all 20 albums released by The Beatles, “the white album” sold the most copies sold if ANY other Beatles album, reaching 19 million copies sold! This is the part that confuses me, beating out Abbey Road an many other famous albums! Revolution 9 is probably the most and least famous song on this soundtrack. It’s repetitive vocals and erie white noise can almost give you nightmares! This song by John Lennon was greatly inspired by Yoko Ono. McCartney and the album producer George Martin greatly refused this song on the album but eventually allowed it’s right of passage onto the album.

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