The Who: L.A. Concert

10 October 2019

When I heard that The Who’s L.A. concert was to be rebroadcast on network TV, I became very excited. When the big night came, I was not disappointed.

The British rock band performed “Tommy, the “rock opera” (written by Pete Townshend) about a deaf, dumb and blind boy who somehow excels at playing pinball. Roger Daltrey, The Who’s lead singer, Pete Townshend, guitarist, and John Entwistle, the bass player, create a great concert at the same time as they act out the story touchingly.

In addition “Tommy” featured megastars Steve Winwood, Phil Collins, Elton John, Billy Idol, and Patti LaBelle. Idol pulled off a convincing performance as the sadistic Cousin Kevin, while John sang Pinball Wizard.

After performing “Tommy,” The Who delved into their considerable past and rocked convincingly with such hits as “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” “My Generation,” and “Who Are You.”

All three members of the band seemed to relax and enjoy performing.

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At times, Roger Daltrey would let loose with some well-honed microphone twirling, and likewise, Townshend pulled off some convincing leaps for a guy his age.!

All in all, I don’t think The Who have lost any of their magic despite 20 years of performing.

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