The Whole Person Paradigm

1 January 2017

The Whole Person Paradigm Knowing oneself is the first step for the improvement of one’s personality. For us do better, we must first accept the things we are better at and the things we are the least, in short, identify your potentials, harness it with your passion and overcome your weaknesses. Personally one of the best traits that I feel I have is the urge for learning new things and adopting what can be really used.

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I can say that I am good in speaking, planning, organizing which I can use more in the teaching profession. Most of my former teachers who are presently my co-teachers often say that I have most of the talents and skills far better to be an excellent educator but still have to work on my attitude. They say I’m the “jack of all trades” which means having to know most but haven’t perfected or mastered some.

Most people are easy saying things they believed they are good at but failed to accept the things they lacked with, and the worse, afraid to face the weaknesses they had. Second strength that I gained through experience is converting weakness as my strength by means of facing and learning from them. I do now believed that I should revalue attitude sided by skills and not to tend to forget the first. Number one is to add my patience, perseverance and love of work to anything accepted and took an oath to do, my responsibilities and duty.

As a teacher, a learner, an educator and as a researcher I can touch lives by setting as an example of my persistence, patience and the willingness to help others. At the moment I’m assessing myself, it took me couple of days where to start on how to describe my life and end up hearing a song which I think best describes my life in that moment. The Climb-Myley Cyrus I can almost see it- To widen your vision in life. That dream I’m dreaming of – I had a chance to redefine what are my dreams and goals at time being.

There’s a voice inside my head said You’ll never reach it- I had the courage to continue personal progress. Every step I’m taking Every move I’m make me with Lost with no direction- I had set my time table and set target. My faith is shaking- My faith grows more. But I got to keep trying. Got to keep my head hailed high-Confidence together with hard work inside me matures. There’s always gonna be another mountain – Never to lose hope and faith in God I’m always gonna wanna make it move… Keep on moving…- Never to stop learning and believing.

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