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Investing in the same TTS Initiative round after round will create increasing returns B. Diminishing returns C. The same amount of return A. Ever 2. According to the S-Shaped curve, diminishing returns for a single year budget become noticeable at A. $1,000,000 3.

If a company with low automation wanted to invest in a single area that exclusively lowers labor costs, they would select: A.CT (Quality Initiative Training) B. Concurrent Engineering C. Vendor/Jilt Oust in Time [Inventory]) 4. The exact outcome of TTS efforts appear on the TTS Report, and as bar charts on the TTS spreadsheet. These results are for A. The previous round only B.

The upcoming round only C. Cumulative for the previous and all remaining rounds (assuming no additional investment is made) 5. The TTS report can be accessed from A. The Capstone(r) Courier B. The Decisions menu.

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