The Windows To My Future

3 March 2019

The air filled the car with the strong smell of quaking aspen and bristlecone pine. Looking out the window I saw tons of trees, bright green grass, and mountains higher than I could see. Riding alongthe winding roads I continued to stare out the window in awe.

The foggy air damped my skin and frizzed my mane-like hair. The ground glistened in in the sunlight as if someone had sprinkled glitter all around. I could hear the sounds streams of water flowing over rocks in the creeks near by, and the leaves rustling and crackling in the wind.

The Windows To My Future Essay Example

And then I saw it. My reason for wanting to live in Colorado. I pointed outside the car and said “The windows.” Everyone in the car turned and looked at me but I was still staring out the window amused.

“What?”, my boyfriend Timothy’s mom finally said.

Timothy replied, “ Gina is obsessed with houses with big windows and big doors. Living in a house like that has always been a dream of hers.”

Rochelle, Timothy’s mom, squinched her eyebrows together and said, “Ohhh…”, and turned back around in her seat.

As i continued to stare out the window, hidden in the trees high up in the mountains, I could see houses with large windows starting from the first floor and stretching all the up to the second floor. Everytime I saw one of the houses I would point and say, “The windows.” I saw so many houses with big windows and doors that I began to realize that if I moved to Colorado there would be a higher possibility for me to live in my dream house.

This story is significant because, living in a house with big windows and big doors is one of my biggest lifetime goals. This goal requires a lot of money of course, but Colorado provides me the perfect situation because I want to be a physical therapist, and a lot skiers and hikers just so happen to hurt themselves there.

Determination is my biggest quality. When it comes to my dreams and goals in life I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve them. I started taking medical classes in the eighth grade.

I first took pre-med, which was very easy for me, and in the ninth grade I took medical terminology and principles of health science. Determined to achieve my goals faster, my senior year I’ve decided to take on 5 extra classes online in order to graduate a year early.

As a result, not only will I be living in my dream house but, I’ll have my dream job. Helping people recover from an injury or hard time in their life. It’s as if me and Colorado were meant to be. I’ll have the life I had always wanted, having to be able to raise my family in a peaceful and completely beautiful environment.

I feel so close I can almost smell the quaking aspen and, see the sunrise over the mountains through the two story windows of my dream house.

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