The Women Of His Dreams Essay Research

9 September 2017

The Women Of His Dreams Essay, Research Paper

The Women of His Dreams

After a long summer dark of partying, imbibing, and smoking on the beach with a clump of people he had merely late met and hardly knew. As he walked back to his condo down the beach, you could see the tip of the sun start to glance over the skyline to get down another beautiful summer twenty-four hours. The bright orange freshness on the skyline was a mesmerizing and gorgeous sight to lay eyes on. As many times earlier, this breathtaking sight made him halt, sit down, and be amazed at its wonder and glorification. As the Sun rose higher and lightened the sky more and more, about one 100 paces down the beach. Standing in the H2O was one of the most olympian sights any work forces have of all time seen. There in the H2O was a adult female standing ankle high in the H2O.

She was standing at that place sipping her warm java out of a steaming mug. She was have oning denims and an outsize sweatshirt that hid the beautiful curves of her great organic structure. As he walked closer, smoking his cigar, he could non take his eyes off of her. As she stood at that place, the air current blowing through her blond hair. Leting him acquire his first glance at the adult females s profile. She had a sort of full oral cavity that made you want to sit at that place and merely conceive of touching them with your ain lips. She had a brace

of cryptic eyes that made her more appealing so earlier and as she smiled at the Sun lifting higher, he saw that she had a set of dazing white dentitions behind that brace of luring lips. As she turned merely a fraction towards him, in the center of it all, an ideal olfactory organ that merely made the portrayal complete.

As he sat on the beach watching her, fascinated by her. He realized that he could make this same thing for old ages. Never speaking to her or truly making anything with her. All he wanted the bash was sit there and watch the air current blow through her hair and watch the brightening Sun reflect off her chiseled face. As he was sitting at that place smoking his cigar and believing about how to near a chef-d’oeuvre like this. She turned about to get down walking towards shore, and she noticed him. Siting at that place with a cigar in manus, watching her every move. As she stood there looking at him, poised of all time so gracefully, he rose to run into her. She started easy walking towards him as he did the same. As they met at the shoreline, with the Sun lifting behind her doing it seems like she had merely appeared out of the ocean. He realized something that had been in the dorsum of his head the whole clip, he realized that this was the adult females that he was traveling to pass the remainder of his life with. That this was the adult females if his dreams.

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