The Women of Umoja in Northern Kenya 

1 January 2017

he women of umoja in northern Kenya Most places Work from morning to 11 at night while men sleep under the trees In this village men are forbidden to live, they don’t rule, the rebellious women rule. A few kilometers up the road a men have set up their own village to keep an eye on the women. There buildings are made of plastic rubbish instead of cow dung. They struggle with doing the women’s work. About 200 women in the 1980and 90s 2000 of the women were raped by British soldiers when ey were training.

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The Women of Umoja in Northern Kenya 
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In their culture a raped women has become taboo and is whipped and thrown out of the tribe. In 1990 a small group of women got together when their jusbands kicked them out. Rebecca is the leader of the pact, while she had not been raped, she was too outspoken according to her husbands family. many of the women have left because of physical violence from their husbands, this is very typical. She said they don’t want women to be empowered or have anything.

There are 50 women in the village, There income comes from tourists who must pay an entrance fee and from selling their jewelry. The women are forbidden to eat anything but the intestines of the animals, in their own village women eat the forbidden meat and enjoy it. The men say they resort to violence because it’s better to beat women up because they just sit around and eat. Men go so far to flag down tourist buses and tell them not visit the women. These women only have sex when they want children, 50 children live in umoja.

Rebecca believes in educating women and when they don they are denying women their rights. Female genitilation is also something rebecca is trying to outlaw saying it is dangerous and unfair. The men are afraid what their lack of power means. Desperate to get the power back, the chief tries to reconcile with the women. The women only listen to rebecca the have no respect for the men because the men keep beating them up. The women wanto hold onto their independence, they want to swim, eat the forbidden meat and enjoy life.

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